Full Moon Feminized Marijuana Strain Review Information and Growing Tips – Where to Buy Full Moon Feminized Seeds

One of the mostly used marijuana strain is the full moon feminized and can be seen mostly in Asian countries. Its capability to give the effects to the user is said and proven to be strong thus making them more concentrated on the things that they do. Such weed is mostly used by computer engineers and artist to help them concentrate on their duties thus also helping them to feel lighter and unstressed. Hence, it is not difficult to yield such cannabis but rather may take longer than the other type of weeds which usually ended and fully fermented by the 12th week or maybe more.  As the effects of full moon feminized are high, consumers believed and proved that it is likely to be used mainly as a medication to aid them through their daily life and struggles. To other people such as artist and engineers, the use of such for medical purposes helped them focus on the things they do but by using only the required or moderate amount of puffs or sticks per day.

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Where to buy Full Moon Feminized cannabis seeds?

Order Full Moon Feminized marijuana seeds from a legitimate seed bank like Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Company to get a pack of high-quality weed seeds. You may also receive free marijuana seeds together with your order. They ship worldwide discretely. Just make sure that you check your local laws regarding growing marijuana so that you can avoid from getting any problems. Ordering weed seeds on the internet are safe and secure.

Full Moon Feminized Specification

Type: Feminize
Flowering Period: 12 weeks or more
Climate: Mediterranean
Yield: 350-450
 Stone: Strong
THC Level: High from 15 percent-24 percent
Height: High
Grow Difficulty:  Moderate

Special Features of Full Moon Feminized

  • This pure Thai weed is a Sativa dominant strain which when smoked can produce a trippy high or highly cerebral heady effect.

  • Full Moon feminized is a white strain and it has been featured in the Full Moon party in Kah Phangan’s Thai dream island because of its exquisite features that resulted from the genetic processes and breeding procedures.

  • It is best cultivated outdoors and when grown in optimum conditions; it can produce a yield of 350 to 450 grams during a flowering time of 12 to 14 weeks.

  • The buds of Full Moon feminized are compact and heavy. Its flavor is spicy.

Growing Full Moon Feminized Tips

For Full Moon feminized marijuana plants to produce popcorn buds, you need to grow them in an indoor garden supplied with high wattage bulbs. Position the light correctly so buds won’t get burned.