G13 Marijuana Strain Review

G13 is a strong indica strain that is believed to be from a top secret government facility at the University of Mississippi that breeds strong cannabis strains. Legends say that this facility breeds very strong strains and a single cutting was taken from this lab to be cultivated by the public.

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G13 Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type: IndicaFlowering Period: 10 to 12 weeks

Climate: moderate

Yield:  3 to 6 oz/ft2

Flavors: earthy, sweet and pungent

THC Levels: 22% to 24%

Height: 30 in to 78 in

Growing Difficulty:  moderate

What are the effects of G13?

This is a strong strain and can make you feel euphoric, happy and even relaxed. It is a daytime use strain because it can uplift you and make you feel inspired as well. G13 can also make you feel hungry especially as the effect of weed wears off.

What are the medical benefits of G13?

G13 can help reduce depression. It can help you with stress and anxiety as well. It is a treatment for insomnia because after the positive and euphoric feeling you relaxed and ready to sleep. G13 can also help with pain reduction and migraine control. This is especially helpful for post-operative and post-trauma patients.

What are the negative effects that you can expect from G13?

G13 can dry your mouth excessively and can cause dry eyes. First-time users can feel dizzy and suffer from headaches. It can also cause anxiety common who are trying the strain for the first time.

Tips for growing G13

G13 is best grown using the sea of green SOG technique to maximize its bud growth potential. You must allow enough space for each plant and branches to be able to let buds grow and to bulk up. The secret is to provide more airflow between each plant.

This strain needs a lot of nutrients to grow well and to support its huge buds. Provide organic plant food and monitor for mold growth and pest infestation. If possible, grow your G13 plants outdoors so these can grow taller and have improved yields. This plant can handle colder fall temperatures so it can grow outdoors without any worries at all.