Get Rid of Marijuana Anxiety with these Kitchen Ingredients

Marijuana anxiety is oftentimes expected by users and fans of this famous plant. Anxiety often results to paranoia, which for some, seems uncontrollable. The good news is that, you do not have to look anywhere else for solutions, as the answer to your concern can be found right from your kitchen! What is it? According to Neil Young, he tried putting three whole peppercorns inside his mouth after smoking weed. He then got used to eating them in order to deal with paranoia after smoking weed.

What makes peppercorns an effective ingredient which can deal with marijuana anxiety? Let’s look into it even further.

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It is a common issue among marijuana users to deal with bouts of anxiety during medication. However, with pepper by their side, most patients experience an almost immediate result. Others have also reported that right after chewing on some peppercorns, they also felt relief in just a period of an hour. What happens? The answer became evident after different scientists report the discovery of more than a hundred different terpenes in pepper which may meaningfully contribute to the effect of marijuana based extracts. Terpenes also create the scents of marijuana, and are also common among different plants.

Marijuana is also known to produce different effects ranging from being wide awake, to sending users to a sweet sleep. Different marijuana growers often end up tailoring their heritage varieties of marijuana in order to exhibit specific terpene/cannabinoid profiles so as to produce specific effects. It has been found out that CBD is quickly turning into an essential component that has the capability of fighting the unlikely effects of using THC rich weed, anxiety included. Another good potential option is to use terpenes coming from other sources in order to possibly mitigate effects.

Chemical Compounds

For one, peppercorns are equipped with terpenes, a chemical compound that is often found in plants. It is the one that is responsible for making flavors. The moment it is enhanced, it has the capability to influence both human and animal behavior. Pinene is an active terpene that is found in black peppercorns. This is the main reason why we tend to calm down after smelling pepper.

The Flavor Compound

There is a certain synergy that happens between marijuana and certain spices and foods. If you want to check which ingredients works synergistically together, you may want to check out the infographic flavor wheel introduced by Green House Seeds. The flavor wheel includes certain spices and foods that can really get along well together with your chosen marijuana strain. Aside from improving the taste of marijuana, it also controls the level of paranoia and anxiety that you feel.

An Ancient Solution

According to traces in history, pepper has served as a very important role way back several years ago. It is a plant that is native in India, and was even referred to at one time as ‘black gold’ since it was heavily used in trading, just like money. For example, one Roman author, Pliny the Elder, who also served as a philosopher and a naturalist, used pepper as a good remedy after laughing so hard right after eating weed. Usually, it involved the interesting combination of pepper, pine nuts, palm wine and honey. As a matter of fact, it has even been said that when pepper is used as essential oil, it has the capability of serving as aid when it comes to quitting the habit of smoking cigarettes.

The Overall Effect

In 1999, two Israeli scientists, Raphael Mechoulam and Shimon Ben-Shabat created the term “the entourage effect”. This phrase is a good description as to how actual cannabinoids found in marijuana work altogether all throughout the human body. After adding other compounds, such as terpenes, usually found in pepper, you can easily observe the therapeutic effects. For instance, terpenes have also been known to serve in the same way that antibiotics does, as anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-fungal, and at the same time, a sedative.

Other Ingredients

As already mentioned, terpenes is present in several other plants. As a matter of fact, several books on cannabis point at mangoes at having the capability of increasing quality on low potency marijuana when consumed an hour before the medication. This is because mangos contain myrcene which also combats anxiety bouts. At the same time, certain evidence also suggest that citrus, which is limonene rich, and calamus root, also rich in myrcene are also good options.

Current studies are now being conducted in order to discover the potential that certain terpenes can serve as building blocks for cannabinoid production, hoping that this can open up the possibility of cultivators manipulating cannabinoids to good ratios. As such, even the effects marijuana can now be regulated without impacting its capability.