Growing Marijuana Outdoors: Advantages and Disadvantages

There are several ways of growing cannabis, depending on your growing skills. Marijuana plants can either be grown indoors or outdoors. Many have much preference over growing weed outdoors because it is economical and easier to do than growing pot in an indoor garden where installation of additional grow equipment is a must.

When growing marijuana outdoors, you must be aware of some external factors that may delay the growth cycle and potential decrease in potency and quantity of buds.

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Advantages of Growing Marijuana Outdoors

  • Monthly electricity bill and installation of the artificial light source is expensive. Outdoor weed growing do not necessitate for these. Outdoor growing is preferred by many because of the following advantages:
  • Inexpensive to run because you have the sun as the natural light source, so there is no need for setting up an artificial light.
  • The weed plants can enjoy free sunlight which is very beneficial for photosynthesis. Sunlight is the biggest advantage of growing pot outside.
  • A bigger yield can be expected from the marijuana strain you are cultivating because plants are grown in a natural environment.

Disadvantages of Growing Weed Outdoors

  • Neighbors might discover that you are growing cannabis in your own backyard and report it to authorities.
  • Varying changes in temperature and other environmental factors that may affect growth such as strong wind, extreme heat, frost, and heavy rains.
  • Marijuana plants are likely to be exposed in pests and hungry animals that would love to feed on them.
  • If cannabis plants are grown in a place far from your home, other people might discover it and steal the buds before you got to harvest them.
  • The environment cannot be controlled.

Once you have decided to cultivate cannabis outdoors, site selection is of utmost importance if you want a successful pot growing. Considering the idea of outdoor growing, keep your spot garden as discreet as possible. If you are growing weed plants outside and in your own backyard, you can plant them in pots or in between other fast-growing plants. Always keep in mind your country’s laws regarding pot cultivation before you start growing.

Know the advantages of outdoor growing, as well as its disadvantages before you start your own. This way, you will know what to expect from the cannabis strain you have chosen to grow. Just like indoor pot cultivation, marijuana plants are grown outdoors need nutrients, light, water and the proper level of humidity and temperature to remain healthy.