Growing Marijuana Tips – Super Skunk Feminized Review

If you are growing marijuana, then Super Skunk should be of interest to you. Read this Super Skunk Feminized review before buying seeds for sale online of this strain or before growing it.

Super Skunk has been considered as one of the very first breeding projects that were being made under the cannabis hybrid plants. It has actually been meant to make a successful crossbreeding procedure with the Skunk #1 as the Skunk #1 provides much success in the field of breeding cannabis.

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The Super Skunk Feminized is actually a cross between the Afghani hash and the Skunk #1.  Given the fact that there is much to be given recognition for the Skunk #1, it would only produce a much better strain as the Super Skunk Feminized is now introduced. In fact, it is considered to be the most popular Indica strain in the Cannabis Cup 1990.

Super Skunk Feminized Specification

Type : 80% Indica
Flowering Period : 45-50 days
Climate : Indoor/Greenhouse
Yield : Medium
Stone : Stoned High
THC Level : High
Height : Average
Grow Difficulty : Easy

Super Skunk Feminized Features

– This marijuana variety is very much dependable when it comes to its performance. It has been much chosen as the best commercial strain ever. Even most connoisseur growers would prefer growing this as compared to other strains.

– The Super Skunk Feminized is very potent and very fragrant. Moreover, it is a very vigorous strain which leads up to its reputation as being one of the best strains ever.

– This plant is very much uniform especially when it is being grown from seed. It only produces an all-female plant that shows consistency when it comes to its structure and the formation of the bud.

– When it comes to the potency of the plant, except that once the resin will achieve its full blossom, you would be able to enjoy the smooth high of the Super Skunk Feminized which would have that stoned high effect.

– The Super Skunk Feminized would have a very large colas once they are being grown properly. It can even have a much bigger cola as compared to other strains.

How to Grow Marijuana – Super Skunk Feminized Growing Tips:

The Super Skunk Feminized can best be grown indoors especially if one is very much careful in the growth pattern of this plant. When grown in an outdoor environment, it must be preferred to be grown in a greenhouse environment. This strain is highly compatible in sunny climates.