Growing Royal Flush Marijuana Strain – How to Grow Weed Guide

This is one of the F1 marijuana hybrids which crossbreeds Jock Horror and Eldorado. It grows quite lanky and reaches a tall height because of the sativa genes. Since it develops plenty of buds, this strain requires adequate care and proper management for it to remain upright especially in the flowering period. From the time when it leaves the germination period, it takes about eleven weeks for the plant to reach its flowering period. Although it is not one of the fastest growing cannabis plants, it compensates for by having a very strong, sky-high THC level.

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The Royal Flush produces a high THC, enabling it to be classified as a Medical Marijuana for its anti-depressant capabilities. This plant is available in feminized and regular forms and it can be purchased easily through online seedbanks.

Where to Order Cheap Royal Flush Marijuana Seeds?

Order Royal Flush marijuana seeds from an online seed bank and have it shipped right to your doorsteps. You can grow Royal Flush from seeds. The price for Royal Flush is affordable in online marijuana seed banks.

Type: Regular
Flowering Period: Average (55-65 days)
Climate: Mediterranean
Yield: 600 / 700 g/m2
THC Level: High
Height: Compact plant
Grow Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Special Features of Royal Flush Marijuana Strain

1. Because of the high THC levels contained in the cannabis plant, it is considered one of the most used strains for medical marijuana purposes.
2. This Sativa-dominant cannabis strain is used in medicines as a pain reliever. It is also used to increase the energy levels and uplift the patient’s mood.
3. It will grow solid buds with gold or brown hairs and equipped with a high THC level of about 15-24%.
4. The Royal Flush cannabis strain gives off a unique sweet and sour taste, with an aftertaste that will make the user smack his lips.
5. It also causes a revitalizing, uplifting, and energetic buzz which continues for a few hours.

Reminder to Growers

• It is best cultivated indoors, using a Sea of Green growing system which will help in producing a large harvest.
• This plant can easily adapt to other growth mediums, besides the common soil, such as coco and hydro.
• For indoor gardening, make sure that there is adequate space or room since it can reach a height between 150 cm to 200 cm.
• For outdoor growing, the ideal month of harvest is from October to November.
• Since it can grow tall and lanky, it has to be supported to maintain it in an upright position especially during the 10th to 12th week of the flowering phase wherein it’s expected to develop plenty of flowers and buds.