Growing Sterling Haze Feminized – How to Grow Weed Tips

Haze hybrid weeds are considered as the some of the most sought types if the goal of a grower is to have bulky exceptional buds which have strong highs which can definitely satisfy every user. One of these Haze hybrids is Sterling Haze Feminized. This is a crossbreed of the Haze variety and the Northern Light. Its strain is Cannabis Sativa. This is grown for the purpose of producing heavy and numerous exceptional buds which most marijuana smokers look for. Because its buds are thicker than usual, it is applicable for long puffing hence more satisfaction is rendered. What makes it even more enticing is its exquisite sweet and a little sour taste which gives relaxing highs and great stoning pleasure.

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Where to purchase Sterling Haze Feminized marijuana seeds?

If you want to grow Sterling Haze Feminized from seeds then you can order it from an online seed bank and have it shipped right to your doorsteps in the soonest time possible.

Type: Feminized
Flowering Period: Long (65 to 75 days)
Climate: Moist
Yield: 600/700 (g/m2)
Stone: Very High, Sweet/Sour
THC Level: High
Height: Average
Grow Difficulty: Difficult

Special Features of Sterling Haze Feminized Marijuana

1. Sterling Haze Feminized gives lots of buds for a single produce. Since this is a marijuana breed which generates a massive amount of buds, this can be considered a topnotch kind in terms of the number of buds it can give.
2. It has a unique taste of sweet and sour which can absolutely satiate the needs of smokers. It is good for pot sessions as well as single users who like to smoke ganja with the distinct yet flavorful tastes.
3. It can grow both indoors and outdoors. However, some considerations need to be taken into great consideration to produce healthy types of this hybrid weed.
4. It can be used for in medicinal purposes. This type of marijuana the natural effects which tranquil the mind of individuals who are suffering from deep emotional stress. Also, it can be used in relaxing muscles for people who have been into a problem in muscular functions.

How to Grow Weed Tips – Growing Sterling Haze Feminized

1. Consider the amount of light and moisture as this Haze breeds are more sensitive than the others. The light should not be strong while the humidity must just be 50% to 60%.
2. Pay attention to the nutrient needs. Avoid over-nourishing as these may affect the budding. On the other hand, nutrition deficiencies should not also be an option as these may result to poor types of buds.
3. Proper airflow should be considered if this breed is grown indoors. This can be done by having the right kind of ventilation system.
4. Since it grows longer than the other marijuana breeds, growers need to be patient enough. While doing so, pruning should be done.