Growing Sterling Haze Marijuana Strain – How to Grow Weed Tips

This marijuana plant is a crossbreed between Northern Light and Haze, resulting in a heavier set cannabis plant. It is a traditional F1 cannabis hybrid which is able to grow great heights, along with the similarly packed Northern Light buds on the tall stems. The bud leaves often have a shade of bright lime green. The sterling haze cannabis strain has also been observed to have medicinal properties.

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The Sterling Haze usually takes around eleven weeks to reach the flowering period. It is considered to be a White strain which is able to produce a high THC of about 15-24%. Its smoke has a familiar and relaxing hazy, sweet and sour taste which lasts long. Compared to the pure Haze strain, this Sativa-dominant cannabis strain is able to produce a more “stoned” effect but it produces more of an energizing effect rather than sedation.

Where to buy Sterling Haze marijuana seeds?

There are a lot of online marijuana seed banks where you can order high-quality marijuana seeds. You can also order Sterling Haze marijuana seeds from a reputable online marijuana seed bank. The price is very much affordable and you might also receive some high quality yet free marijuana seeds.

Type: Regular
Flowering Period: Long (65-75 days)
Climate: Moist
Yield: 600 / 700 g/m2
THC Level: High
Height: Average Height
Grow Difficulty: Moderate

Special Features of Sterling Haze Marijuana Strain

1. Sterling Haze is used in the medical further for treatment of combined symptoms.
2. The Sterling Haze contains the best features of the Northern Lights which are the compact and dense buds on the stems, allowing high yield results. It also has the features of Haze wherein there is speedy growth, strength, and the intense, soaring cerebral high that is felt when smoked.
3. Besides the “cerebral voyage” provided by this cannabis plant, it also has energizing effects.
4. In addition to the impressive high that it provides, the Sterling Haze is also known for its distinct sweet and sour flavour which users can really enjoy.

Reminder to Growers

• Growers need to take into mind that this strain can only be cultivated in an indoor environment.
• The Sterling Haze is not a convenient or easy weed to cultivate without sufficient experience and knowledge in growing cannabis plants. Therefore, first time growers need to do adequate research beforehand.
• The plant yields are on an average extent however if it is cultivated under SOG standards of growing and conditions, the yield will impressively increase to around 600 grams per square meter.
• Similar to any hybrid of the Haze strain in terms of cultivation, this cannabis plant requires patience and time.
• It’s available in feminized or regular forms and it can be purchased through online seed banks.