Hawaii x Maui Waui Marijuana Strain Review Information and Growing Tips – Where to Buy Hawaii x Maui Waui Seeds

The Hawaii x Maui Waui is perfect for beginner pot farmers because the harvest is big and the plant is actually pest resistant. This strain is quite popular to many marijuana lovers because of its moderate THC levels and the short duration of the plant’s maturation. The Hawaii x Maui Waui also has medicinal properties and boasts an inspiring buzz and smooth aroma when smoked. The high is not so overwhelming and incredibly relaxing, a property that most weed smokers go for. The yield is also bountiful that starts for 400 t0 500 grams per square meter. The Hawaii x Maui Waui is best when grown outdoors and in a sunny/tropical climate. However, some farmers have fashioned a hydroponic setup so the plant can be grown indoors. This weed is also popular for its citrus scent and smooth aroma, not too strong but enough for a prominent cerebral buzz.

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Where to buy Hawaii x Maui Waui cannabis seeds?

It is safe and secure to order Hawaii x Maui Waui cannabis seeds from an online seed bank like Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Company. They offer discrete shipping to their customers from around the world. They also offer free seeds which will come to your order.

Hawaii x Maui Waui Seeds Specification

Type: sativa
Flowering Period: 65 – 75 days
Climate: outdoor
Yield: 400 / 500 (g/m²)
Stone: sativa high
THC Level:  5-10%
Height: high plant
Grow Difficulty: moderate

Special Features of Hawaii x Maui Waui

1. Being a marijuana strain that is regarded as a lanky sativa, Hawaii x Maui Waui is suitable for outdoor growing. When planted in an area with abundant sunlight, this variety will flower in 65 to 75 days and buds are harvested in September or as early as August.

2. It exudes a pleasant herbal-like flavor that is smooth and with fruity undertones.

3. During harvest, this weed plant produces long buds coated with sticky resins and THC crystals.

4. When smoked, it gives a strong sativa high and a cerebral buzz that can last for hours. With a heavy dose of Hawaii x Maui Waui, the effect is heady and euphoric.

Growing Hawaii x Maui Waui Tips

Hawaii x Maui Waui is a mostly sativa cannabis but it can maintain an average height, making it suitable for an indoor grow. To keep the flowering period short enough, you can grow this strain by starting from clones.