Haze Marijuana Strain Review Information and Growing Tips – Where to Buy Haze Seeds

Growing marijuana indoors would be very amazing if you grow Haze cannabis strain. Haze yields up to 200 gram per square meter. It is a bushy cannabis plant with sturdy stems with narrow leaves. Growing Haze is a good love activity by marijuana growers from around the world because the THC ratio of this marijuana strain is always high. The buds are small but they are really potent – “Small but terrible!” If you want to see the growth potential of this marijuana type this give it more space in growing it so that you can see a high harvest in the future. This is easy to grow so you don’t have to worry about nurturing this baby.

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Where to buy Haze cannabis seeds?

Buying marijuana seeds nowadays is just very easy. There are cannabis seeds companies which sell their marijuana seeds on the internet. You can buy Haze cannabis seeds from an online marijuana seed bank and your order will be shipped discreetly. Make sure to order from a seed company that offers discrete shipping.

Haze cannabis strain Specification

Type: Sativa
Flowering Period:  10-12 weeks
Climate: Indoor/Outdoor
Yield: up to 200 gram/sqm
THC Level:  High
Height: 150-180 cm
Grow Difficulty: Experienced

Special Features of Haze

1. This marijuana strain is the sativa that originated from Jamaica and has a combination of the features of Jamaican, Mexican, Columbian and Thai.

2. Haze has a high THC level with a mixed aroma. According to users and growers of this strain, Haze smells like an ordinary plant instead of exuding a strong marijuana smell.

3. Although the flowering time of Haze may take longer, it’s worth the wait because the harvest is good and buds are very potent and produce a strong and quick high.

4. Haze has good medical values that benefit people with anxiety and other mood disorders.

Growing Haze Tips

Haze is a sativa weed variety and because of its genetics, the plants are expected to grow taller. If you are growing it indoor, try growing it in spacious grow room. If you want to get the best yield, then grow them outside where there is enough space and allow the plants to grow tall to obtain bigger yield.