Heyday Review

Based in Vienna, Austria, the company specializes on cloning marijuana plants. Thus, the company has gained its expertise upon the said craft being able to clone multiple varieties and strains of cannabis such as Super Skunk, Critical Mass, and Dutch Cheese. The company has incorporated various techniques and have researched well enough considering the age of the plant, genetics, and strength of the branches of the plant. Among techniques that the company uses includes  Cuttings in Rockwool, Cuttings in rockwool cubes, and Organic Wedge cuttings.

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Best Features of Heyday

Shipping Options

They don’t deliver their cuttings to other countries or into nearby Europe. Nonetheless, they only sell their cuttings within just Austria itself. Any other information other than this is not known for this company.

Seed Selections

The company does not produce seeds, whereas only clones. They tend to do cloning on various strains including the premiere ones such as  Dutch Cheese, Big Buddha Cheese, Critical Mass, and Super Skunk just to name a few.

Customer Service

There aren’t any customer reviews as related to this company. Aside from that, there are only a few websites that talk about this company. Perhaps, the company is maintaining their discreetness since cannabis laws are strict still in Austria.

Website Functionality

The company does not have any existing website as of now.

Pricing and Payments

There is no information as to this matter. Perhaps, the company does direct cash payments since transactions are usually done personally. But nonetheless, it ain’t quite sure since there is no information into this.

What Do We Like About Heyday

  • Unique Way of Cannabis Propagation

What We Don’t Like About Heyday

  • No Website and Customer Reviews

Our Verdict

Overall, the company seems to be quite unique yet the concept still needs to be improved. Its inflexible since shipping will be hard for cloned plants. Nonetheless, maintaining the quality and making it stealth as much as possible is unimaginable for this products, most especially that there are strict laws regarding cannabis cultivation and use. Thus, this is a challenge for which the company is still facing over with its expansion. But nonetheless, as of now, the company is no heard in online. The company perhaps is maintaining its discreetness for now.