Hindu Kush Marijuana Strain Review Information and Growing Tips – Where to Buy Hindu Kush Seeds

Hindu Kush was once called High Rise because it was first developed in a High Rise Building in Amsterdam. Since it is a very potent marijuana plant, a lot of Amsterdam coffee shops were instantly in love with it. It has been marketed for a very long time already and has become one of the classic marijuana strains that anybody would want to grow. This can grow indoors and outdoors and is much known for its high production with soil, hydroponics, and greenhouse. The smell is strong but the smoke is smooth that any smoker would love. Growing Hindu Kush is easy and anybody can actually do it. A lot of growers can attest to the good yield that this marijuana type can give you. For sure, you won’t have any regrets if you grow the Hindu Kush in your marijuana garden.

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Where to buy Hindu Kush cannabis seeds?

Order Hindu Kush weed seeds from a legitimate online seed bank like Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Company and they will ship your order to your address discreetly. The shipping times may vary depending on your location. You may also receive free marijuana seeds together with your order of Hindu Kush marijuana seeds.

Hindu Kush Specification

Type: Regular
Flowering Period:  55-65 weeks
Climate: Indoor and Outdoor
Yield: 500-600 g/m2
THC Level:  High
Height: Average

Special Features of Hindu Kush

1. Hindu Kush is a hybrid cannabis type with 80% indica traits and only 20% of sativa. Being a mostly indica marijuana, this strain produces deep relaxation. This makes this pot variety good to smoke if you want to get a soundly sleep.

2. It is also known as an outdoor Kush plant but it can also be grown indoors by experienced and new marijuana growers.

3. Hindu Kush tends to be a large bushy plant that produces large colas and heavy resinous buds with a THC level of up to 20%.

4. It exudes excellent features being a cannabis strain that resulted as these three varieties are combined- Master Kush, Low Ryder, and Hindu Kush.

Growing Hindu Kush Tips

Hindu Kush can grow either indoors or outdoors. The flowering period will also depend on where the plants are grown. If you want to have an early harvest, cultivate Hindu Kush in a controlled environment.