How Long Does it Take to Grow Marijuana

In easy terms, the average growing time in marijuana cultivation is about eight and a half weeks, that is about seven months. This is counting from day one to the time when the plants are ready for a smokable harvest. Even though there may be several factors that actually affect the overall time, but the average time takes about three to four months.

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Factors that Impact Marijuana Growing Time

There are some factors that have a great impact on the growing time of marijuana. One is the type of strain that you choose to grow. As a matter of fact, strain often has the biggest impact on the time allotted for growing. Also, the target amount of yields can determine the growing time, depending on whether you are growing just a few grams, ounces or pounds. Of course, the growing setup or method may either add or subtract some weeks to the actual growing process.

Growing Marijuana Fast

In order to achieve the minimum amount of time to grow marijuana, that is, eight and a half weeks, it is very important to select a strain that is considered fast finishing, such as Northern Lights. Still, you may only expect to grow tiny plants which can produce only a few grams of smokable harvest.

One of the easiest and fastest growing methods in marijuana cultivation is bubbleponics. With this strategy, a few weeks of the overall growing time is removed, and it actually results in an increase in yields. However, it may need more equipment in order to get started with it.

However, if you are not looking at time as an issue in your marijuana growing project, you can choose strains that come from warmer climates. At the same time, there are some farmers who actually want to cure their buds for longer than the minimum two weeks for added flavor and weight. This is often the reason why some grow make take more than seven months, counting from seed to reaching a smokable harvest.

The Milestones

Depending on the setup chosen, marijuana growing may take about two to six months. There are some methods, such as indoor hydroponics, which can provide you with the flexibility of getting a harvested plant in a minimum amount of time, about two to three months. Outdoor growing typically takes longer compared to indoor growing, and it is generally more depended on the time that you plant the seeds, as well as the length of the growing season.

Once the plant is harvested, it still needs to go through the drying and curing stages. These stages may take about two weeks before you can finally consider that the buds are finally ready for use. There are different ways in order to possibly speed up or shorten the entire process of cultivation. In order to learn how referring from the experts can do a big help. This information may be available through forums and blogs. They are a great help, especially for beginners.