How Often Do You Fertilize and Water Outdoor Marijuana Plants

Growing weed outdoors is easier than cultivating the marijuana plants in an indoor garden. Just like any other plant, marijuana can grow well under the natural sunlight. In choosing a site to start your pot growing project, always check the pH of the soil medium before planting the marijuana seedlings. Grow marijuana in a place that can receive as much sunlight and with good water supply for maximum growth potential. Choose a location near natural water sources so cannabis plants will get enough water even during warm days. Unlike growing weed indoors where the environment is easily controlled, growing cannabis outside will depend on the growing season for their budding time and harvest period.

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Watering outdoor marijuana plants

For your marijuana growing project, it is recommended that you choose an outdoor location where water source can easily be accessed. Outdoor cannabis plants need to be watered regularly. They love water all throughout their growing cycle but do not over-water them. Too much water supplied on the weed plants may cause the roots to rot. The amount of water given will also depend on the kind of the environment where marijuana is planted.

Adding fertilizers to weed plants

Provide your weed plants with a regular supply of nutrients. The amount of fertilizer given will depend on the size of the plant and its growing stage. Add the nutrients or fertilizer to the water before you introduce it to your cannabis plants. Do not give fertilizer every time you water your plants. Too much fertilizer will cause harm to the marijuana plants. Accumulation of fertilizer in the soil may turn the grow medium acidic. Since outdoor cannabis plants are expected to grow tall and bigger, the plants may need more of nitrogen. Deficiency in nitrogen will make the leaves of marijuana look dull and will eventually turn yellowish. Once these signs are detected on the plants, introduce a fertilizer rich in nitrogen.

Growing cannabis outdoors is less costly because setting up an artificial light source, ventilating and odor control systems is not necessary. Marijuana plants have the advantage of enjoying the free sunlight. However, you must be ready to handle the forces of nature if you are growing weed outdoors such as strong wind, heavy rains, and extreme temperature. To begin with, get quality outdoor marijuana seeds. Provide the plants with enough fertilizer and do water them regularly to obtain an abundant harvest.

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