How to Avoid These New Marijuana Growers’ Mistakes

Finally! You have decided to grow marijuana on your own! As a newbie in this field, the excitement and anticipation of your first cultivation project can oftentimes lead to committing simple mistakes. After all, beginners’ luck can just be a touch of “luck”. However, rather than depending on this luck, you can actually become a better beginner grower by looking at the experiences of our first-time growers in marijuana cultivation and take advantage of their helping hand.

In growing your own marijuana plants for the very first time, you may have visions of producing fields of tall plants with big buds. Reality dictates, however, that this can turn out to be both complicated and challenging. The good news, though, is that by learning from the mistakes of other newbies, you can be successful on your own. Here are 7 new growers’ mistakes that you can avoid in growing marijuana.

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1. Not Getting Involved

Some beginners make the mistake of simply starting the process, but never getting involved along the way. Keep in mind that cultivating marijuana demands the same level of care, attention and love that you give a pet in your family. True, this may sound extreme but doing so is actually a key to success. Before starting, ensure that you have all tools you need as this will easily streamline all the process that will be involved. At the same time, it is best to expect that anything can happen along the way which may test your decision making skills. By being involved accordingly, you can come up with the best reaction for any situation.

2. Allowing Your Plants to be Rootbound

The roots of marijuana plants can grow amazingly fast, most particularly in between the seeding and the vegetative phase. With this, you can expect that marijuana growth may reach a standstill if they are rootbound with no enough space for growing out. This can be avoided by making sure that you relocate your plants into a bigger container after completing the stages so that it can be provided with a room that will allow it to reach its maximum potential. If possible, you may want to plant the seeds directly to its final big container.

3. Poor Gene Selection

Seeds coming from reliable seed banks are always expected to produce high quality results. Therefore, before starting, it is good to invest with high quality seeds by getting them only from trusted seed banks. As a beginner, you may want to avoid clones because you will not be sure how the marijuana plants were treated during the growth cycle.

4. Too Early Harvesting

While looking forward to your first harvest may be overwhelming, being patient while waiting longer may allow you to reach bigger buds. A general rule of thumb is that you can wait until your plants stop growing and you can already see the white pistils darkened to about 50-70%. You may also use a pocket microscope and look at the trichomes. If most of the trichomes are already cloudy, you can already start your harvest.

5. Over Watering

In the initial phases of your marijuana cultivation, less water is definitely better. New growers tend to become enthusiastic and may result to giving marijuana plants over attention. This may result to over watering, which can kill your plant. In order to avoid this, you can just choose to roughly push a finger an inch down into the soil. If that layer is already dry, you can water your plants accordingly.

6. Too Much Nutrients

Giving your marijuana plants too much nutrients can actually turn out to be dangerous. While several companies manufacturing nutrient solutions may offer you with a feeding schedule which matches their product, some are just too high for your actual plants. Avoid this problem by simply utilizing between ¼ and ½ of the nutrient recommended according to how your plant looks. You may begin with a ¼ dosage, and adjust accordingly depending on the pH levels, gradually moving up to ½ if necessary.

7. Telling Other People

If you are the type of person who loves to tell others about your achievements, it is vital to hold your horses now. Growing marijuana should be done discretely, which means that it is important to keep your mouth shut. Do not attempt to draw unnecessary attention unless you are ready for the consequences.

8. Not investing time, effort or money on education

Some people just jump right into growing even if they don’t know what they’re doing and most of them blame the seed bank or any other company or individual where they bought their seeds or grow supply. While marijuana can survive in most weather, it still needs some care. Some are difficult to grow while others are too easy thus proper education about the genetics is really very crucial. Aside from that, a growing marijuana guide like our blog, forums, and other sources can help big time. There are also some complete growing marijuana books which you can buy online that offer really high quality education on how to grow marijuana.

Even though knowing these 8 mistakes can help you as a new grower, reality dictates that we learn better from our own mistakes. For that reason, do not be afraid to see any problems on your plants. Most of the symptoms can be reversed easily and may only require minimum adjustments in lighting or nutrients. It’s all about proper practice and you can expect high quality buds!