How to Clone Marijuana Plants

Marijuana enthusiasts who are into pot growing and want to make a duplicate of the current strain grown would want to do the process of cloning. To clone in marijuana growing means to get the exact replica of the mother plant. Cloning gives growers several advantages and to harvest the buds soon is one. You will harvest the buds earlier if you start cannabis growing using clones than you start from seeds in which you need to wait for days to weeks for germination until they will fully sprout.

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Several pot gardeners would want to begin growing weed from cuttings than seeds for fast growth and early harvest time. This is beneficial for those who are growing weed for the purpose of selling. With cloning, the return of investment is faster. Cloning cannabis plants is easier if you have access to all the necessary things to do it rightly including a razor blade, bowl or shallow plates, planters and peat pellets. Most importantly, you have to get the best quality marijuana strain as the mother plant.

Proper Way of Cloning Weed Plants

STEP 1 – Get the marijuana cuttings

Set up the cloning area first. Maintain the right level of humidity and temperature within the room where you will do the cloning to avoid mold growth. Use a sharp razor blade to obtain the marijuana cuttings. Always ensure that the razor you will use is sterilized with alcohol to avoid contamination. Cloning involves almost the same process as pruning but instead of throwing away the cuttings from the mother plant, you can keep them and use as clones. The weed cutting should be at least 6 to 8 inches.

STEP 2 – Root the cannabis cuttings

After you have obtained the marijuana cuttings, the next step is to root them. Rooting in clones can be successfully done with the use of water. However, most pot gardeners prefer to use a rooting powder or gel for faster and stronger development of roots. The freshly cut marijuana cuttings are dipped into the rooting gel/powder.

Growing cannabis starting from clones will allow growers to skip the process of seed germination. With cloning, you will have the exact genetics of the mother plant where you will obtain the cuttings. If you want growing pot starting from clones, get cuttings from a mother plant that has high potency, fast vegetative and flowering time and natural resistance to mold and pests especially when you choose to have them indoors.

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