How to Control Marijuana Smell in Indoor Growing

In countries where growing cannabis plants is not yet legalized, most gardeners prefer growing weed in an indoor garden, making it as discreet as possible to avoid the prying eyes of authorities and neighbors. To stay away from the suspicious eyes of neighbors and to avoid getting caught by authorities because of that skunky marijuana smell, control the odor especially if you have a limited indoor grow space. Indoor marijuana growing would necessitate for a good odor control system if you grow a weed type that gives off a strong skunky smell. There are several options when it comes to marijuana odor control.

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Inexpensive Ways of Controlling Marijuana Odor

Growing pot indoors brings a lot of advantages because the environment can easily be controlled. Temperature, humidity and light intensity are controllable. You can even eliminate that strong skunky smell coming from the plants that start to mature. There are inexpensive ways of controlling or totally eliminating marijuana smell from an indoor pot garden. Air fresheners, strong perfumes, deodorizers, and scented candles are some of the products which you can use for weed odor control. Depending on the type of strain you are growing, buds will produce mild to strong pot smell. For a mild marijuana odor, low-priced products that you can usually buy from local and online stores will do.

Best Method of Removing Cannabis Odor

Growing weed type that gives out a strong smell will need the best odor control system. The use of active carbon filters is one of the best methods of removing pot odor. Fit the active carbon filters into the exhaust fan with ducts to effectively remove the odor from the air. Carbon filters can eliminate as much as 99% odor from the air and are available in different sizes to fit your pot growing needs. Choose one that will fit the size of your indoor weed growing room. Ionizers and ozone generators are the other two odor controlling systems that can work well in eliminating marijuana odor in your pot room.

There are several odor masking products available in the market which you can use to remove the marijuana smell in your indoor growing cannabis garden. These products are less costly but do not guarantee to eliminate 100% pot odor. If you want to eliminate almost 100% marijuana smell inside the room or growing closet, install carbon filters or use an ozone generator or ionizer. These odor control systems are quite expensive but really worth the money.