How to Get your Marijuana to Grow Branches After Transplant

If you think that plants are not like living things, then you’re in for a huge mistake especially if you’re planning to use these plants for your own purpose. So before you start planting a weed, always keep in mind that weed is like a baby or your own pet that you also need to nurture and love; not something that will be useless for you once it’s gone.

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Transplanting Tips and Important Know-How

You need to make sure that you should clean up the pots that you use for your marijuana plant. In order to do this method properly, using bleach on plastic pots is perfect for sterilization. If you want to guarantee perfect cleanliness for transplanting, use a new pot and soil in steam. Reusing can be resourceful, but watch out for contamination.

Making sure that your pots are well maintained is very important, and you should also consider the fact that you don’t need to fill the pots with too many soils because this will cause trouble for your seedlings. Add the right amount, and leave some space for you to fill up the pot with water so that it can properly give nourishment to your marijuana seedling. You also need to make sure that all soil levels are even if you’re planning to make batches of seedlings in your growing room. Make sure that you don’t over compact that soil that you’re using, and make sure to water it every now and then.

You also need to make sure that you’re using some soil amendments if you’re planting outdoors, but for indoor planting, you can just skip this one instead. Soil amendments are known to be additives that can give extra nutrition for those that will face direct sunlight and natural climate, and using Vitamin B1 is a well-known agent for making good yield for the plant. For indoor/outdoor purposes, you can check out some solutions that can promote the growth of the roots in an easier way as the seedling stays on the plant. This will make the plant stronger as it gets bigger.

Always remember that transplanting marijuana seedlings must be done during its early stages so that it can receive the proper nourishment that you always wanted to do so that you can have the yield that you always wanted to see for your plant. This is a basic method for nurturing your own plant just like how people nourish their own children or pets as they’re in their younger stages.

When seedlings are transplanted properly, expect that your marijuana plants will grow healthy branches. This process is very delicate that making a tiny mistake will result in a plant short of quality.