How to Grow Weed – Raspberry Cough Marijuana Strain

Raspberry Cough is one of the highly recommendable medical marijuana strains because of its calm, revitalizing, and well-defined effects. This Sativa-dominant cannabis strain is a crossbreed between the high THC producing strain, the Cambodian landrace, and the popular Ice strain. Similar to other Sativa-dominant cannabis plants, the development of the Raspberry Cough is greatly affected by the environmental conditions. Some users have said that they were able to taste raspberries whenever they coughed, as suggested by its name.

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Its buds are neither very dense nor fluffy. Instead, the buds are somewhat similar to cattails, which are long and thin with plenty of red hairs. Once exposed to cold temperatures or during the night, the red hairs turn into a bluish hue to cool down during the flowering period’s final weeks. This considered as one of the finest Nirvana seeds, which has medicinal properties.

Where to buy Rasberry Cough Marijuana Seeds?

You can order high-quality marijuana seeds including Rasberry Cough Marijuana seeds from an online seedbank and have them shipped right to your doorsteps in the soonest time possible. Buying marijuana seeds from an online marijuana seedbank is easy and effective and you can also save a dramatic amount of money because these seedbanks have lower prices than the local dispensaries.

Type: Regular
Flowering Period: Long (65-75 days)
Climate: Cold
Yield: 600 / 700 g/m2
THC Level: High
Height: Average Height
Grow Difficulty: Moderate

Special Features of Raspberry Cough Marijuana Strain

1. The Raspberry Cough has been used in the medical field because of its inspirational and calming effects. Additional to that, it has also been observed to have analgesic properties.
2. For medicinal purposes, it works best as a daytime medicine. It is said to help patients suffering from migraines, anxiety disorders, lack of muscle control, lacks motivation, stressed, etc.
3. Its scent and taste have a hint of Asian spice, which makes it a bit spicy, but has an evident and strong Dutch marijuana taste.
4. This cannabis hybrid retains some of the open, stretchy structural characteristics of the Cambodian landrace, however, it cultivates much faster than the pure Sativa plants.
5. This somewhat thin and tall cannabis plant can be cultivated very close to each other for maximum yields of about 600-700 grams per square meter.

How to Grow Weed Tips for Raspberry Cough Growers

• For indoor gardening, it is important to remember that two-thirds of the plants’ height development occurs during the flowering period. This is why growers need to force the flowering during this time.
• For outdoor growers who reside intolerable yet cold climates, they can start planting this strain in May and harvest them by October’s end.
• This strain is best cultivated indoors, wherein it grows slightly faster and produces a high yield. However, it can easily adjust to the soil, hydro, or other growing medium types.