How to Hide Outdoor Marijuana in Bushes or Forest

Enjoying the natural light source which is the sunlight is one of the best benefits that weed plants can have when they are grown outdoors. Growing marijuana outside is done by several weed enthusiasts because it is less costly. Aside from being an inexpensive way of growing cannabis, having an outdoor garden for marijuana will make you feel more secure because they are planted in a location that is out from other people’s view.

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Some weed gardeners start pot growing project in their own backyard. Weed plants are usually planted in pots and placed outside with other taller plants around to serve as camouflage. But if you are too afraid of growing weed in your own place because of the fear of being caught by people in authorities, then plant marijuana in a location away from home, in between bushes or in a forest. That way, weed plants cannot be easily accessed and are kept away from the prying eyes of neighbors and authorities.

The Importance of Choosing the Best Location for Pot Growing

Forests are usually used as garden spots for growing marijuana mainly because law enforcers and other people cannot easily get into these places. Apart from the benefit of enjoying the free sunlight, forests are good spots for large-scale weed growing. Choosing the best location is very important because as a pot grower, you do not want people in authorities to destroy your cannabis plants before you harvest the buds. Avoid growing cannabis in areas where hikers and hunters usually pass by. Find a place that is inaccessible by other people but cannabis plants can receive as much sunlight needed.

To grow marijuana plants in a stealthy manner, plant them in between bushes. In the garden spot where you cultivate young cannabis, you can plant other fast-growing plants that will serve as a cover-up, so weed garden cannot easily be detected.

Growing pot in a secure way is never that hard. Find an unusual place that people will not even think that you will use it as a marijuana garden spot. Plant them outdoors, in a location away from other people’s prying eyes and away from hungry animals that may feed on them. Choose a location where there are annual crops because that is one way of making sure that you will be growing weed in nutrient-rich soil. When cultivating cannabis in a forest or in between bushes, make sure that plants can still get enough sunlight and water supply.

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