How to Keep Stealthy In Outdoor Marijuana Growing

Several pot gardeners choose to grow weed plants in an inside garden because of the fear being caught by authorities. They are usually growing marijuana in the most private area of the house not easily accessed by other people. Some would secretly cultivate weed in an old refrigerator or closet just to make their growing pot project private. Growing pot indoors can still put you at risk of being caught by law enforcers even how private you want your growing should be especially if you are growing cannabis in your own house.

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Growing cannabis plants outdoors can bring you more peace of mind. You can cultivate weed in a place not easily detected by other people. To keep stealthy with your outdoor growing weed activity, choosing the site where the plants are to be planted is very crucial.

Site selection

Choose a location where there are annual crops. By that, you can say that the site has good quality soil and your cannabis plants can receive as much sunlight. For camouflage, plant corns or hops around the marijuana plants. These plants make a good camouflage so other people and authorities cannot easily detect that there are weed plants grown there. Some outdoor growers are caught when the government does surveillance on the area while some are caught by accident. By choosing a location where there are bushes around, growing pot can remain stealthy.

Do not tell anyone

To keep your outdoor marijuana growing stealthy, never tell anyone about it. Do not brag or share it even with your closest friends. Regularly check your outdoor cannabis plants but do not let anyone know that you will be going to your weed farm.

To remain stealthy while you enjoy growing weed, choose the type of location where authorities and other people cannot easily access. Pick a kind of place that no one will think that you will plant cannabis there.  In the outdoor area where you cultivate weed plants, you can plant corns around to serve as camouflage. Your marijuana plants are surely hard to notice when grown in between corns and bushes.

One of the best ways to grow marijuana in private and away from the watchful eyes of authorities is to plant other fast-growing plants around your outdoor pot garden. You can start your outdoor growing in your own backyard but hidden in between other large plants or you may cultivate weed in a location far from your home.