How to Tell if your Marijuana Buds are Ready for Use

After having gone through all the trouble of growing the weed in your garden, waiting for the right timing to harvest it should be anticipated. One of the crucial phases in growing cannabis is the harvesting. This is where you should be able to identify the plant’s current state so you won’t waste the buds and leaves. If you pick too early, your buds did not produce enough THC to create the high efficiency and lower CBD, which can have a lower calming effect. You don’t want to get too old buds where they are starting to flower and spoil the harvest unless you are a breeder.

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What CBD and THC Have to Do with Harvesting

The THC and CBD contents of the marijuana help determine what kind of pot variety it is and what its effect is. In harvesting, you can get different yields with varying THC and CBD contents. Usually, it is the strain which determines basically how much or what quantity THC and CBD a weed has when harvested, but varying on the harvest time can mean difference. This is the reason why most breeders harvest the plant on its flowering stage while leaving some for the next harvest months after.

How to Determine if your Buds are Ready

– Checking these signs will help you determine if the weed you are growing is ready for harvest:
– The resin glands usually shrink or deteriorate in color about 15-20% of these, which signals harvest.
– The calyx hair shows wrinkling, desiccating and falling when it is about to end its bloom phase
– The days indicated in the variety tells you when it is about to bloom and when it ends

Bud growth rate and profile changes

The overall loss of vigor and strength indicates the plant’s tiredness to produce flowers. It means it is ready for harvest.

Timing is Essential

If you can, try to photograph your pots and weeds as they grow. This way, you can compare the various stages it has undergone and help you decide if the plant is up for harvesting or not. Try to combine the predicted days of the harvest time and observe the plant. Once you noticed falling calyx hairs, losing the scent of the plant and in time with the harvest period indicated on the cannabis variety, then it signals you to start flushing and prepare to harvest time without worrying about lesser yield.

First-time cannabis growers will really tend to over think with their initial pot farm. This is because they want to supply all of what the plant’s needs. For cannabis growers that use soil as their growth medium, it should be understood that the nutrients contained in the soil are eventually depleted as the marijuana plant grows. Aside from supplying them with nutrients, you can also maximize their sunlight and air requirements. The best thing for you to think about is to focus on how you can sustain your plant’s growth and increase its yield once the flowering period comes along. You should be able to have a timetable so that you will be guided along the process.