Iberocanna GrowShop Review: Will Iberocanna GrowShop Rise Up from the Flames?

We live in times when new companies, providing tips, tools, and equipment for cannabis cultivation rise up each day.

But at the same time, many of these disappear or vanish on a daily basis.

So how can you know a particular company is worth your time and trust?

Check out the impressions we share in the IberocannaGrowShop review.

IberocannaGrowShop was started in Algete, Spain, where the company established their first online shop.

The seed selection was dedicated to featuring the work of independent breeders only, as to ensure only the highest-quality genetics are encoded in each strain.

That made IberocannaGrowShop quickly set apart from the rest and gain a good reputation among users.

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Best Features of IberocannaGrowShop

– only a careful selection of seeds provided straight and solely by independent breeders, which made up for a one-of-a-kind experience thanks to IberocannaGrowShop’s team

Shipping Information

Up-to-date, Iberocanna’s website does not provide any information regarding shipping options.

Seed Selections

Some of the seeds, which used to be a part of Iberocanna’sGrowShop selection include Mini Babibel, Critical, Auto Iberocanna, and more.

Customer Service

You can contact Iberocanna’s team by the Contact form available on their web page.

Website Functionality

The website looks much more like a blog and has little to do with the once functioning Grow Shop, where users could find all kinds of growing tools and equipment.

The website is also entirely in Spanish, which makes it very dissatisfying when you try to enjoy the articles on the blog for gathering some useful information, and that’s a pity.

Pricing and Payment Methods

All prices used to be in Euro and US dollars, however, as we already mentioned, the current website of the company does not provide any information regarding shipping, pricing or payment methods.

Our Verdict

The world of cannabis online is both booming while simultaneously facing so many challenges that it is often the case many companies cannot manage to go with the fast pace.

And while some disappear totally from the web, IberocannaGrowShop are still present, although up-to-date you cannot complete an order through their website and it reminds much more of a blog.

However, we are hopeful that they are only preparing for a launch and soon we can get to explore more of Iberocanna’sGrowShop assortment.