If you Get Anxiety when Using Marijuana then Do These

Marijuana is considered as one of the most popular recreational drugs these days. Aside from the legal issues that revolve around it, marijuana also comes equipped with a well talked about history. Other people even think that it is just one of the gateways to discovering stronger recreational drugs, while there are also others who believe that it is among the most powerful tools for relaxation as well as pain killers available.

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Can Marijuana Cause Anxiety?

Ever since, drugs come with a complicated relationship with anxiety. True, it may be capable of treating anxiety, but it is also known to cause anxiety. In terms of providing treatment to anxiety, marijuana is generally used in calming the mind and body. It serves as a natural pain killer, and is often used by people for self-medication.

At the same time, studies have also shown that marijuana may cause anxiety, and even in making anxiety worse. This only means that the overall effect of change depends on the kind of anxiety that you are suffering from. Therefore, it is very important that as early as now, you understand the type of anxiety that you have, so that you can decide on the best medication that you can take.

Different Kinds of Anxieties

Another thing to consider is the fact that marijuana may also cause various reactions in different people. A person may end up experiencing a relaxing effect, while other people report reporting frightening and intense hallucination. This may be affected by dosing, as well as other factors including the expectations of a person, since this is a common problem among people who are suffering from anxiety. As a matter of fact, those who are dealing with anxiety unintentionally think of an assumed negative reaction. This is very powerful in causing an intensified anxious reaction.

Fighting Anxiety

Since everybody is not invincible when it comes to dealing with anxiety, there are certain things that you can definitely take into consideration. Here are some tips:

Take things slow. Smoking can introduce some unreasonable thoughts. Why not start slow, taking two hits first, and observing your reactions and feelings after 10 minutes. Even though feeling the high is an assurance, only time can actually make you feel sober.

Make sure that you eat food before smoking. In smoking marijuana, you expect /a drop in blood sugar, making your heart beat faster. By eating before smoking, your blood sugar levels becomes even out.

It is very important to understand that nothing will happen to your heart. There are many people who feel that their hearts will explode, which only adds up to the anxiety. Most of the time, it is only your mind that is messing up with you.

The anxiety will end, soon. Regardless of how worried you have become, nobody has invented yet a strain of marijuana that can keep the high for over 6 hours, which is already a very long stretch.

Think of this: you will not go crazy by consuming marijuana. THC is a chemical compound that will not make people crazy. At the same time, nobody has died yet because of marijuana use.

True, there is a possibility of being caught. This may even cause anxiety, too. However, by being smart, you can reduce the risk of being caught greatly. Do not leave the house with marijuana with you. Be careful not to blow smoke near the window of your neighbors. By following some basic steps, you should be good.

Most of the time, anxiety is caused by wrong information. By getting the right details about marijuana, you can skip on the unnecessary worries, and focus on the positive effects that this recreational drug can give you. As a matter of fact, you can actually do something. Do not just sit around, freaking yourself more. Why not go outside, looking at nature, or enjoy music. Do anything that can be productive, and just avoid sitting around worrying about things that do not really exist.

It is also important to be comfortable. If you do not feel comfort when sober, most likely, you will also not be comfortable when feeling the high. Just relax and focus on positive thoughts. Also, it pays to know when it is best to stop. If you feel that panic attacks are always associated with smoking marijuana, why not take a break; leave it alone first until you are finally ready. Everything is at your disposal. Nobody will look down on you. In fact, some of your buddies will even appreciate smoking with you if you are sober than spending time with you while you are freaking out or yelling at them after a panic attack, pleading to call for an ambulance.