Different Grow Mediums in Growing Marijuana Indoors

Growing marijuana outdoors will use soil or custom organic soil blend as grow medium. In indoor pot growing, marijuana gardeners have different options when it comes to medium. The soil is a very good medium for weed plants as long as pH is not acidic. Acidity in the soil can stunt the growth of weed plants.

Whether marijuana is grown in soil or hydroponics system, getting the best medium is very important to ensure stronger root system and full development of the weed plants. There are different mediums which you can use for growing cannabis.

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Different Grow Mediums for Pot Cultivation


This is one of the most common mediums used in growing weed because of its availability. However, getting soil from your garden or just anywhere is not recommended because you never know that this medium may contain soil-borne diseases that can harm your marijuana plants. You can buy a good quality commercial potting soil or you may use custom organic soil blend with added components such as bat guano, and (optional), organic seafood fertilizer and organic mixes of barks and roots.


This is commonly used as a medium for hydroponic marijuana growing. This is convenient to use if you are growing cannabis plants in large trays. For several weed plants, you can use Rockwool slabs as grow medium. This type of medium has a high pH value, usually around pH8.

Clay Pellets or Pea Gravel

These are small round balls that expand as they absorb more water and become porous. As compared to Rockwool, this type of medium is safer and is more excellent when growing pot in a hydroponics system. It is less costly because clay pellets or pea gravels can be reused.


It is a porous material that has a neutral pH and excellent water retention capacity. Before using this medium in hydroponics, wash it first with water. It is an excellent use for small to medium containers and good for transplanting marijuana seedlings and cuttings.

Whatever type of medium used, make sure that it has a neutral pH because too much acidity in it may slow down the growth of weed plants and may eventually affect the number of buds to be harvested. If you are new in growing cannabis, you may buy a commercial potting soil which you can readily use for your plants. You may also make your own cannabis grow medium containing different grow mixes. Choosing the right medium for weed growing will promote good aeration, strong root formation, maximum growth potential and a great harvest of buds.

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