Is it Okay to Start Growing Marijuana Indoors and to Let it Finish Outdoors?

For first-time cannabis growers, there are a lot of factors that should be taken into consideration. The most important factor to consider is where to have your pot plantation. You can either have it indoors or outdoors. The benefits differ for both of these environments. But what if you combine the two together? So, is it okay to start growing marijuana indoors and to let if finish outdoors?

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Indoor Vs Outdoor

Before growing marijuana, it is important to have quality cannabis seeds ready on hand. Planting seeds are better than starting with clones. It is always important to purchase the best of seeds when planning a plantation. Now, let us dissect and compare indoor and outdoor planting. Both are ideal places to start your plantation but are also different from each other. They have benefits that the other doesn’t have. It would be a great advantage if you would combine the two.


Indoor planting has more advantages when compared to growing outdoors because of all the risks. You can control the conditions when growing indoors just as how you want things to be. When planting indoors, your marijuana crops are perfectly hidden from unwanted eyes. You could easily stash them in well-hidden locations. The only issue is that planting indoors can be quite costly when it comes to buying lighting for your crops. You would also need space for your crops to flourish.

Usually, when you grow your crop indoors, the first thing to do is to germinate the seeds. Germinating seeds is easy if you know what to do. The important thing is to follow the step by step instructions thoroughly so your seeds won’t be put to waste.


Growing outdoors can be a little risky but you get to have the natural elements and use them to your advantage. You naturally get sunlight for your crops. Marijuana crops need lots of sunlight and heat to make growth easier. You can also have a wide area for plantation if you want. A wide area allows your crops to flourish abundantly.

Indoors & Outdoors

There are risks when you start planting indoors then let it finish outdoors. The risks are strongly connected to weather conditions and climate. If you start planting indoors then take it out too early, you are putting your crops at risk by exposing it too early. When you plan on having a transplant from indoors to outdoors, timing is the key. You should know when the weather and climate start acting up and when is it perfectly suitable to have a transplant.

It is important to keep track of this to ensure that your crops stay healthy from day one up until harvest time. If you have paid less attention to your crops at one point, you immediately shorten the crop’s capabilities. The crop would grow poor in both quantity and quality. A number of risks could easily be avoided if you pay close attention and follow instructions thoroughly.

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