Island Maui Haze Marijuana Strain Review

Island Maui Haze is a very potent Sativa strain. This bud is well-renowned for its various medicinal applications aside from delivering strong cerebral buzz. If you will observe its buds, you can see that Island Maui Haze characterizes bright orange hairs and huge dark green crystals.

The best thing about this cannabis strain is that it will take you away from stress and worries. This will bring to carefree joys and tropical islands. It works well in either evening or day time use because of its stimulating effects that you cannot resist.

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Island Maui Haze Specifications

Type: Pure Sativa
Flowering Period: 8 weeks or more
Yield: 32 to 64 ounces per sq. meter
Flavors: Vanilla, Musky and Earthy
THC level: 18% to 22%
Height: around 8 feet
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What are the Effects of Island Maui Haze?

Because of its high level of potency, Island Maui Haze is not for inexperienced cannabis users who are not familiar with it. If you are a newbie, you should be mindful of its dose as it can completely transform you into a different person.

Island Maui Haze strain promotes chattiness, social behavior, and laughter. It gives a strong euphoria, enhances mental focus, improves creativity and energy.

What are the Medical Benefits of Island Maui Haze?

Island Maui Haze strain is used as medical marijuana because of its amazing health benefits. First, it can completely relieve you from stress. It will make your body more relaxed and improve your appetite. Moreover, it gives mild sedation and makes you feel a little lazy to help you rest.

What are the Negative Effects that You can Expect From Island Maui Haze?

Although Island Maui Haze provides various benefits, expect that it will also give some minor negative effects. The adverse side effect you may encounter is that you will be aroused. You will be more active and more energetic. However, there is also a tendency that your eyes and mouth will dry. Depending on how your body and mind react, you may also be in a state of paranoia and headache.

Tips for Growing Island Maui Haze

Island Maui Haze can also be grown by new cultivators. However, there should be proper guidance from the experts to distinguish how it copes with the environment.