Jack Skellington Marijuana Strain Review

Jack Skellington is a Sativa-dominant strain and the cross between Jack the Ripper and Killer Queen. This strain is a creation of TGA Genetics that strived to develop a crystal-covered marijuana strain. Jack Skellington comes with a diesel and fruity citrus aroma.

It became popular due to its amazing ability to provide an extreme psychoactive experience that allows one to be more creative and alert. Since its Sativa lineage is dominant, Jack Skellington doesn’t have high THC content like its parents. However, its psychoactive properties stay wonderful.

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Jack Skellington Specifications

Type: hybrid (Sativa-dominant)
Flowering Period: 8 weeks
Climate: warm
Yield: average
Flavors: sweet, diesel, earthy, citrus, fruity
THC Level: 12 to 15 percent
Height: tall
Growing Difficulty: easy

What are the Effects of Jack Skellington?

For most users of Jack Skellington, its effect is reinvigorating and refreshing. Usually, the energy boosts this strain can induce is much more than what you need so you can get up and run. The next thing they feel is the uplifting buzz which leads them to a euphoric mental experience.

With that, they can think clearly and concentrate on their job. Then, the strain unlocks users’ creative skills that allow them to gain the best ideas and thoughts. Jack Skellington brings a relaxing feeling without a sedating effect. In some ways, the physical effects of this hybrid strain prevent the mental high from making users feeling overwhelmed.

What are the Medical Benefits of Jack Skellington?

Jack Skellington’s ability to enhance your mood is its leading medical use. It can take away stress for a short while, leaving you with a joyful and uplifted feeling that will last for several hours. Therefore, this strain is helpful for a patient with depression and other similar conditions. Since it acts as an energy booster, you will feel reinvigorated, motivated and active.

What are the Negative Effects that you can expect from Jack Skellington?

Jack Skellington is milder compared to its parents, but it will still cause some adverse effects. For instance, the euphoric mental buzz may trigger dizziness. Paranoia, dry mouth, and dry eyes are also possible side effects of Jack Skellington.

Tips for Growing Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington is tall and wide. It is easy to grow whether indoors or outdoors. Its flowering period will last for 8 weeks. For better results, cultivate it by using SOG.