Jahwaiian Marijuana Strain Review

What do you get when you cross two renowned strains like Lamb’s Bread and Hawai’I ‘78? You’ll get this super rare strain that you won’t typically see in markets anywhere.

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Jahwaiian Specifications

Type: This strain is a balanced hybrid strain.
Flowering Period: Jahwaiian finishes a whole flowering cycle at about 79 days.
Climate: It loves to grow in an environment that is warm and tropical in nature.
Yield: There are no solid data regarding how much yield that it can produce
Aroma: It has a very distinct tropical jive with a little bit of earthy and sweet scents.
Taste: Jahwaiian puts a lively pineapple and sweet tropical ensemble on your tongue.
THC Level: It has a THC level of around 15% to 20%.
Height: It is believed to be of medium height.
Growing Difficulty: It has a moderate level of difficulty when it comes to growing it.

What are the Effects of Jahwaiian?

Jahwaiian will let you ride a wave of euphoria that almost takes you to the Carribean islands. It fills your mind with a decent amount of creative juices and energizes it that will allow you to perform better throughout the whole day. As time goes by, you will feel more and more relaxed but without inducing sleepiness.

What are the Medical Benefits of Jahwaiian?

Since Jahwaiian has a high THC level, it is said to be ideal for the treatment of chronic pain, chronic stress, depression, anxiety, and stress. It is a great daytime alternative medicine for people who are looking for a little emotional boost but still wants to keep up with their daily routine.

What are the Negative Effects that you can expect from Jahwaiian?

Jahwaiian can often time induce dizziness, headaches, or even paranoia. But the typical adverse effect of marijuana like this is the drying out of the mouth and the eyes.

Tips for Growing Jahwaiian

There are no actual tips on how to grow such strain because it is rarely seen and probably thrives on the Carribean island itself. You can’t also find any seeds to allow this baby to be cultivated in your own farm.