Jock Horror Marijuana Strain Review Information and Growing Tips – Where to Buy Jock Horror Seeds

With a unique smell, this cannabis plant has managed to sway the interest of many smokers. By combining 3 marijuana strains (the Northern Lights x Skunk x Haze), the infamous Nirvana seed company has successfully created the Jock Horror strain. It is a Grade B sativa plant that has a strong lemony scent mixed with a bit of Skunk. Although many of its experienced smokers have said that the Jock Horror doesn’t really have a distinct taste, many can still taste a bit of sour and spicy hint to the flavor. The buds of this pot type are very compact as well as squishy. They are also covered with wild, orange hairs and THC crystals. This weed type is an excellent pot to smoke to treat anxiety as it cleanses the mind and gives an energy boost to the body. Unlike its feminized version, the regular Jock Horror cannabis type is grown outdoors. It produces an average amount of yield upon harvesting.

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Where to buy Jock Horror cannabis seeds?

You can buy Jock Horror marijuana seeds online via the different online seedbanks. It is safe and secure to order Jock Horror seeds online. These seed companies have been doing this kind of business for a lot of years now without any problems.

Jock Horror Specification

Type:  Regular
Flowering Period: 65-75 days
Climate: Outdoor
Yield:  400-500g/m2
THC Level:  High
Height: Tall

Special Features of Jock Horror

1. It has some of the features of the authentic Jack Herer and being a strain with mostly indica traits, the Jock Horror is a high yielding phenotype. During harvest, about 500 grams/m2 of yield can be expected.

2. Jock Horror holds a unique fresh flavor with sweet and citrus undertones that are accountable for its refreshing taste when smoked in whatever smoking paraphernalia.

3. It is a predominantly sativa type that produces a cerebral heady effect and a strong body stone.

4. Unlike other pure and mostly sativa strains, the flowering period of Jock Horror is short so harvesting of the buds can be done earlier.

Growing Jock Horror Tips

Because of the sativa influences of Jock Horror, the plants can grow tall especially during the budding period. Cultivate it outdoors to accommodate the fast vegetative growth of the plants.