Kaya Gold Feminized Marijuana Strain Review Information and Growing Tips – Where to Buy Kaya Gold Feminized Seeds

Novice growers will definitely enjoy this marijuana plant. A strong and sturdy plant, the feminized Kaya Gold strain itself was built for beginners and indoor growers alike. When smoked, this pot emits a spicy taste that is very far from the Skunky taste. THC level wise, it contains a medium amount of THC, which makes it perfect for non-heavy smokers as well. Because of this plant’s strong sativa background, its stems are tough and tall but are able to flower early all the same. When grown indoors, this marijuana plant’s flowering time takes around 8-9 weeks. As an added bonus, not only does this pot strain has a sturdy built, but it is also pest and mold-resistant. It can also withstand the harshest conditions that most strains can’t survive on. If you want to start growing weed strains on your own, then the feminized Kaya Gold strain is an excellent plant to start and practice on.

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Where to buy Kaya Gold Feminized cannabis seeds?

There are a lot of online seed banks where you can buy marijuana seeds from. They offer discrete shipping to their international and local customers. It is too discrete that even your mailman won’t know what you just ordered. The times of shipping vary depending on your location and you might receive some free cannabis seeds with your purchase depending on their promo and deals.

Kaya Gold Feminized Specification

Type: Regular, Feminized
Flowering Period:  55-65 days
Climate: Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse
Yield: 400-500g/m2
THC Level:  Average
Height: Medium

Special Features of Kaya Gold Feminized

1. Kaya Gold feminized features an excellent resistance against extreme heat and common pests that attacks cannabis plants. With such vigor, this pot strain is favored by many new growers.

2. It has a high THC content of about 15 to 20% and smoking Kaya Gold feminized buds will make you experience a kind of high that is uplifting leaning towards the Sativa marijuana type.

3. Compared to skunk varieties, the Kaya Gold feminized exudes a unique spicy flavor and herbal taste.

4. The flowering period is shorter than other mostly sativa types. Budding time will take place in 7 to 9 weeks.

Growing Kaya Gold Feminized Tips

If you want to grow several Kaya Gold female plants all at the same time without needing much space, grow them sing the Sea of Green set-up.