Kraken Marijuana Strain Review

Named after the mystical strain, the Kraken is a very popular strain with unknown lineage. Some say that it was made by combining Jack Herer with The Super Auto strains. The Kraken was made by Spanish breeder Buddha Seeds with the goal of creating a powerful and potent strain. This is an indica dominant hybrid strain with chunky and dense buds coated with crystal resin. This can guarantee huge harvests and you can even boost harvest by closely monitoring and caring for your plants indoors.

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Kraken Specification

Type: Indica-dominant

Flowering period: 72 days

Climate: Moderate

Yield: large yield

Flavors: Earthy, butter and pine

THC Levels: 12% to 14%

Height: Moderate

Growing difficulty: Moderate

What are the effects of Kraken?

Compared to the mythical beast this strain was named after, the Kraken offers completely opposite effects. It can make you feel super relaxed to the point that you are very sleepy. But you are not sleeping with a lot of worries on your mind because before you surrender to a deep and peaceful sleep.     

What are the medical benefits of Kraken?

Kraken can be used to end insomnia. You can use this to naturally stimulate relaxation and sleep without the need to use drugs or tranquilizers that will only do more harm than good. It can also be used to improve appetite, stress and depression. It can also help deal with nausea and vomiting which are very common in people undergoing chemotherapy.

What are the negative effects of Kraken?

Just like any medication, the Kraken can also have side effects. Use can lead to dry mouth, dry eyes and dizziness. These are very common side effects especially in people who have never used this strain before. This can also cause anxiety and slight paranoia but don’t worry. These side effects may be reduced when you use this strain on a regular basis.

Tips for growing Kraken

Kraken can be cultivated indoors or outdoors. When grown indoors, keep it under powerful light and maintain good air circulation in your growing area to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. You must feed this good organic plant food and water it only when the soil is dry.