La Niña Gold Marijuana Strain

Get ready to be taken by storm and forget all those dry days with this strain. La Niña is a strain that is produced through the crossing of two very famous strains of Haze and White Widow.

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La Niña Gold Specifications

Type: It is a 75% sativa and 25% indica strain.
Flowering Period:
Indoors: It has a flowering cycle of about 8 to 10 weeks.
Outdoors: This strain is ready for harvest during the end of Septembers or early Octobers.
Climate: La Niña prefers a climate that is humid.
Indoors: This strain can provide a yield amounting to 420 grams per square meter.
Outdoors: It can produce an amount of yield of 400 grams per square area.
Aroma: This strain produces a very nice sweet scent of pine and fruits with overtones of roses.
Taste: It has a really delicious taste of sweet and woody fruit flavors that are joined by hints of earthy flowers.
THC Level: It has a THC level of 20% to 22%.
Height: There’s no specific number for the maximum height that this strain can grow to but it is believed to be a medium-sized plant.
Growing Difficulty: This strain requires some experience to be grown properly.

What are the Effects of La Niña?

La Niña provides an equally powerful uplifting high that helps your mood to stabilize into a good setup of bliss and joy. This strain moves in a silent way wherein you will not notice that it already has taken over your mind and body.
You will feel incredibly sober unless you attempt to move any part of your body. Once you move with the slightest motion, that’s the only time that you’ll be struck by a typhoon of energy that will fill up your head allowing you to be focused and motivated throughout the day.

What are the Medical Benefits of La Niña?

Due to its potency, this strain is ideal for treating chronic pain, headaches, spinal cord injury, anxiety, depression, ADD or ADHD, fatigue, and stress.

What are the Negative Effects that you can expect from La Niña?

Beginner smokers must be aware that this strain may cause paranoia or even anxiety. Other than that, it can also cause dryness of the mouth and eyes which are typical of marijuana strains.

Tips for Growing La Niña

This strain will definitely thrive better in a humid climate with temperatures ranging from 70°F to 80°F. Growing it indoors, you must make sure that the branches are trimmed properly to prevent it from growing to uncontrollable heights.