La Reina de Africa Marijuana Strain

La Reina de Africa is a strain generated through the crossing of three powerful sativa dominant strains of Afghani, Thai, and AK-47.

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La Reina de Africa Specifications

Type: It is a 60% indica and 40% sativa strain.
Flowering Period:
Indoors: It has a flowering cycle of about 52 to 59 days.
Outdoors: This strain is ready for harvest during the early Octobers.
Climate: There’s no specific information regarding the type of climate that this strain likes.
Indoors: It can produce an amount of yield of 500 grams per square meter.
Outdoors: This strain can provide a yield of 450 grams per plant.
Aroma: La Reina de Africa exudes a floral scent that is fragrant to the nostrils.
Taste: It has a spicy lavender-like taste.
THC Level: It has a THC level of 16%.
Indoors: It can grow into a maximum height of 60 cms.
Outdoors: This strain can grow to a height of 200 cms. tall.
Growing Difficulty: It is an easy strain to grow and cultivate.

What are the Effects of La Reina de Africa?

La Reina de Africa induces a high-quality euphoric high that puts you on top of the throne of utmost happiness and bliss that allows you to feel giggly at times. This strain provides your head and body with the well-deserved relaxation that it needs which at most of the time turns to be sedative. This is why it is an ideal strain for evening or before bedtime use.T his strain can also make you feel aroused which is perfect for those hot steamy nights with your partner.

What are the Medical Benefits of La Reina de Africa?

This one is an ideal strain for keeping up with your mood swings which helps alleviate depression, stress, and fatigue. Aside from these, it can also help you feel relieved from pain and inflammation. It is also a good strain for stimulating your tummies so that you can improve your eating patterns.

What are the Negative Effects that you can expect from La Reina de Africa?

La Reina de Africa can cause the dryness of the mouth.

Tips for Growing La Reina de Africa

This strain is recommended for beginner growers since it doesn’t require much attention and doesn’t promote any problems during its growth. The viable method to be used for this strain when deciding to grow it indoors is the Sea of Green method which allows optimal production of yield.