Lamb’s Bread Weed Strain Information

Lamb’s Bread or also known as Lamb’s Breath is a strain that originated all the way from Jamaica wherein reports have dictated that even Bob Marley enjoyed this one himself.

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Lamb’s Bread Specifications

Type: It is a 95% sativa and 5% indica strain.
Flowering Period:
Indoors: It has a flowering cycle of about 9 to 10 weeks.
Outdoors: This strain is ready for harvest during the month of October to mid-Novembers
Climate: Lamb’s Bread will definitely prefer a climate that is hot just like the Mediterranean or equatorial climates.
Indoors: This strain can produce a yield of 14 ounces per square meter.
Outdoors: It can produce an amount of yield of 14 ounces per plant.
Aroma: This strain has a very alluring scent that is described as a mixture of sweet cheese and skunky flavors. It has undertones of sour and pungent odors that will completely fill a whole room.
Taste: It has a very distinct taste of sweet and earthy flowers which later turns into a creamy flavor. This strain also provides a pungent pine and sweet woody aftertastes during exhalation.
THC Level: It has a THC level of 19% to 25%.
Height: It is considered as a medium-sized plant.
Growing Difficulty: This strain has a medium level of growing difficulty.

What are the Effects of Lamb’s Bread?

Lamb’s Bread is a great choice for daytime use since it can switch up your mood from low to high. It is a wake-and-bake strain that provides a great boost in your energy levels that will make you push further during your day’s work. It also gives a surge of creativity and positivity that lingers to your head for a long duration of time.
This strain is your best bet for physical-related activities that will keep you on top of your game in every step that you make.

What are the Medical Benefits of Lamb’s Bread?

Lamb’s Bread is a doctor recommended strain since it can help relieve a lot of medical conditions including chronic stress, PTSD, ADD or ADHD, anxiety, depression, muscle spasms, glaucoma, back pains, fatigue, loss of appetite, and cancer.

What are the Negative Effects that you can expect from Lamb’s Bread?

This strain has minimal adverse effects which makes it a well-loved strain by a lot of people. The only thing that you will be experiencing is the dryness of mouth and eyes which are typical of marijuana strains.

Tips for Growing Lamb’s Bread

Remember that this strain will thrive better in an area that is hot in temperature. You should also allow adequate spacing between plants to ensure problem-free branching out.