Lambs in Space Marijuana Strain Review

Lambs in Space is a strain with balanced indica and sativa characteristics owing to its Lambs Sour Diesel and Space Candy parents. Made by Pilot Farms, this hybrid strain gives a focused but relaxed effect that makes it perfect for social gatherings and interactions. It has a fantastic aroma of lemon, mango, and fuel. It will make you giggle, more energized and ready to work on any project. Lambs in Space has been known to reduce stress and depression.

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Lambs in Space Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type: Balanced hybrid strain
Flowering period: 49 to 56 days
Climate: Warm
Yield: Moderate
Flavors: candy, sour, lemon and mango
THC Levels:
Height: Moderate
Growing difficulty: Moderate

What are the effects of Lambs in Space?

Lambs in Space is a light and tingly strain that will make you feel aroused, euphoric and giggly. You will feel as if you have forgotten about your problems and all you can think about is the present event. You will be light, open and ready to strike any conversation. These effects make this a perfect social strain.

What are the medical benefits of Lambs in Space?

Lambs in Space is known for its mood elevating characteristics. This can, therefore, reduce stress and depression. You don’t need to rely on medications like antidepressants and stress relievers because this strain has natural effects that won’t give you dangerous side effects.

What are the negative effects of Lambs in Space?

Lambs in Space can cause dizziness, dry eyes and dry mouth. You might also experience restlessness and headaches especially if you are new to using this strain. These negative effects can be reduced if you use a smaller dose of this strain or when you use this on a regular basis.

Tips for growing Lambs in Space

Lambs in Space can be grown indoors or outdoors. If you chose an indoor growing system, make sure to provide ample lighting and good air circulation to prevent mold and mildew growth. Provide enough space for your plants to grow and keep the growth controlled too using low-stress techniques, cropping and pruning. These techniques will also help improve your yields come harvest time.