Lashkar Gah Weed Strain Review

Lashkar Gah is an indica landrace strain known for its consistent powerful sedating effects. It was named after its place of origin in south Afghanistan. It promotes rest and relaxation and will help you live pain-free for hours. Lashkar Gah has a very heavy indica effect; you might feel your body being pinned to the bed because of its very potent effects. Because of these reasons, this strain is widely used to improve sleep, take care of pain and reduce stress and anxiety.

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Lashkar Gah Specifications

Type: Pure indica
Flowering period: 9 weeks
Climate: Warm and dry
Yield: Moderate
Flavors: earthy, pungent and sweet
THC Levels: 11%
Height: Moderate
Growing difficulty: Moderate

What are the effects of Lashkar Gah?

Lashkar Gah will make you feel very relaxed to the point that you can’t move your head or limbs. This strain will be in control. But despite its complete body relaxation effects, your mind will feel euphoric and contented because your worries and doubts have been completely forgotten. You will eventually succumb to a peaceful sleep and possibly a vicious hunger will also commence.

What are the medical benefits of Lashkar Gah?

Lashkar Gah has powerful relaxation and analgesic effects which mean it can naturally reduce pain and muscle cramps. It will stop insomnia and will help you fall asleep faster. You will also be able to boost your appetite and reduce stress with this strain.

What are the negative effects of Lashkar Gah?

You will suffer from dry mouth and dry eyes when you use Lashkar Gah. These effects are very common side effects of most cannabis strains. You may also exhibit headaches, restlessness, and dizziness especially when this is your first time to use this strain.

Tips for growing Lashkar Gah

Lashkar Gah can grow indoors or outdoors but most growers who have successfully cultivated this strain recommend outdoor growing. You must grow it in cannabis-friendly soil and feed it organic plant food. Water this daily when the soil is dry. Trim and train it early so you can improve light and air circulation along the lower parts of the plant and to improve yields.