Le Fruit Defendu Feminized Marijuana Strain Review Information and Growing Tips – Where to Buy Le Fruit Defendu Feminized Seeds

If you like great tasting marijuana plants without the necessary high maintenance requirement, then no strain could be any more perfect for you. The feminized Le Fruit Defendu is a famous creation of the Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds and is a sought after strain even until today. Smokers enjoy this plant particularly because of its taste, which has a strong resemblance to the flavor of the Light of Jah pot type, which is a sweet blueberry taste. Growing the feminized Le Fruit Defendu is recommended for newbie growers. Because of its strong indica background, this plant has a tough and average-size built. It is easy to a manicure and maintains. Because this strain is feminized, it will yield a higher THC level compared to regular Le Fruit Defendu marijuana seeds. However, a grower must remember that even if the seeds are 100% feminized, a hermaphrodite plant can arise from the seeds if exposed to an unsuitable environment, such as exposing the seeds to too much fertilizer.

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Where to buy Le Fruit Defendu Feminized cannabis seeds?

Buying marijuana seeds from the internet is safe and authentic. There are a lot of weed seed companies which already expanded their reach through starting their own e-commerce website where they sell high-quality marijuana seeds like the Le Fruit Defendu feminized marijuana seeds that you are viewing now. You may also receive free marijuana seeds with your order.

Le Fruit Defendu Feminized Specification

Type: Regular, Feminized
Flowering Period:  7-8 weeks
Climate: Indoor, Outdoor
Yield: 450g/m2
THC Level:  16%-20%
Height: 35-60cm

Special Features of Le Fruit Defendu Feminized

1. Le Fruit Defendu feminized was produced as breeders were trying to find a marijuana strain that can match the taste and effect of the Light of Jah strain.

2. The name Le Fruit Defendu Feminized means the “forbidden fruit” in French language and this cannabis variety is characterized by its attractive appearance and blueberry taste.

3. This marijuana plant is good for both indoor and outdoor because of its sturdy feature and versatility that can tolerate any growing conditions.

4. Its flavor is mouthwatering blueberry and when buds are smoked, it will produce a natural high. The THC level is 16% to 20% which is good for daytime smoking.

Growing Le Fruit Defendu Feminized Tips

Growing feminized seeds of Le Fruit Defendu will not give you a guarantee of having all female plants. To avoid the females to develop some male traits, grow the plants under the best growing conditions and that means providing them the best artificial light source, nutrients, good ventilation, regular water supply and the right level of temperature.