Le Fruit Defendu Marijuana Strain Review Information and Growing Tips – Where to Buy Le Fruit Defendu Seeds

Care for some forbidden fruit? Add a little culture to your experience by trying the Le Fruit Defendu marijuana strain. This cannabis type was bred by the Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds company and is an indica dominant plant. In French, the name of this pot strain literally means ‘the forbidden fruit’. Basically, this weed strain was created so it can match the tangy and fruity taste of the Light of Jah cannabis plant. The appearance of this plant is so alluring and colorful that it is sure to invite anyone who has seen it. Its leaves are a dark green color and the buds can turn to a light shade of either blue or pink, depending on the temperature. As for the taste, the Le Fruit Defendu pot strain has a striking blueberry flavor. This plant is considered to be a fast-growing strain and can even be harvested around its 8th-9th week! It produces an average amount of yield per harvest.

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Where to buy Le Fruit Defendu cannabis seeds?

Le Fruit Defendu marijuana seeds can be ordered online. There are online marijuana seedbanks which ship their seed items to their worldwide customers. The shipping times may differ depending on your address. They will send your item in the soonest time possible.    For marketing purposes, these seedbanks may also send their high-quality marijuana seeds for free.

Le Fruit Defendu Specification

Type:  Regular, Feminized, Auto-flowering
Flowering Period:  7-8 weeks
Climate: Indoor, Outdoor
Yield: 450g/m2
THC Level:  16%-20%
Height: Short-Medium

Special Features of Le Fruit Defendu

1. Le Fruit Defendu is a mostly indica pot variety with a very powerful growth potential and can produce a yield of about 450 grams per plant after  7 to 8 weeks flowering phase.

2. At first, you may see some sativa influences on Le Fruit Defendu but once you switch the light into 12/12, the plants will be forced to produce buds and the indica traits are now more evident.

3. It is a must-taste marijuana plant because of its delicious blueberry taste and mouthwatering aroma.

4. The THC level of Le Fruit Defendu is 16% to 20% and when buds are smoked, it will create a natural uplifting high.

Growing Le Fruit Defendu Tips

To induce flowering of Le Fruit Defendu, switch the light and dark hours to 12/12 cycle. You will see large and dense buds start to develop.