Lemon G Marijuana Strain Review

Lemon G is a potent sativa dominant hybrid strain made by the union of the Original G13. And because it is not a pure sativa, it has relaxing indica effects that tend to exhibit first immediately after consuming or smoking the strain. Over time, Lemon G’s upbeat, giggly and euphoric effects start to emerge. This is a social strain which will make you feel uplifted and energetic. The taste is fairly mellow and does not exhibit the properties it has from its scent.

Lemon G Marijuana Strain Specifications

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Type: Sativa dominant hybrid, 70% sativa, 30% indica
Flowering period: 9 to 11 weeks
Climate: Warm climate
Yield: 8 to 12 ounces per square meters indoors, 12 ounces per plant outdoors
Flavors: sweet, spicy, diesel, pine, citrus, lemon and herbal
THC Levels: 15% to 23%
Height: Moderate
Growing difficulty: Moderate

What are the effects of Lemon G?

Lemon G has relaxing effects. You will feel uplifted, happy and euphoric after just one whiff. You will also feel very energetic as if a newfound source of energy has been opened for you. With this energy, you will be able to perform different tasks and activities at hand.

What are the medical benefits of Lemon G?

Lemon G can be used to solve stress and depression. It has natural mood elevating properties that can boost stress without the need to use synthetic drugs or medicines. This strain may also be used to fight insomnia and pain because of its powerful relaxing and analgesic effects.

What are the negative effects of Lemon G?

Lemon G use can cause dry eyes, dry mouth, and anxiety. For inexperienced users, it can lead to dizziness and slight paranoia. You can reduce these negative effects by consuming only a small amount of strain or by using Lemon G on a regular basis.

Tips for growing Lemon G

Seeds for Lemon G strains are not currently available therefore it is impossible to cultivate it. But if you are able to obtain a cutting or a clone from an actual plant, it is recommended to grow it indoors for increased success. Indoor growing will allow you to better monitor the growth and development of your Lemon G plants.