Light of Jah Marijuana Strain Review Information and Growing Tips – Where to Buy Light of Jah Seeds

The Light of Jah marijuana strain is a multiple Cannabis Cup winner, which is why it is classified by some as their favorite kind of weed. It is a sativa Haze hybrid and a descendant of the Jack Herer variety. Because of its Jack Herer background, the Light of Jah cannabis is by far one of the best pots in the marijuana and weed business. The high effect of this pot produces a very energetic and euphoric feeling that lasts for a long period of time compared to different marijuana strains, and even reported to last twice as long as your average weed. When the effect finally wears out, it doesn’t leave the user tired or drained. The smell of the Light of Jah has a peppery and strong Haze scent. The taste of the Light of Jah is citrusy, hinting a little bit of grapefruit as well. Growing the Light of Jah is best done indoors and in cold and northern climate (UK, northern Europe or Canada). Growing it can also best done indoors if there is artificial lighting and grow rooms.

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Where to buy Light of Jah cannabis seeds?

The price of Light of Jah marijuana seeds in an online seedbank which is based in Amsterdam is cheaper than what you can get from local marijuana seedbanks. The shipping times may vary depending on your address. They may also send you some high quality free marijuana seeds for as long as you reach their required amount of purchase.

Light of Jah Specification

Type: Mostly Sativa
Flowering Period: 10 to 13 weeks
Climate: Indoor and outdoor
Yield: About 26.5 ounces/750 grams m2
Stone: Very high
THC Level: Strong. About 15% to 20%
Height: Up to 39.5 inches/100 cm
Grow Difficulty: Moderate

Special Features of Light of Jah

1. Light of Jah has exceptional features that make it one of the most favored strains. It is a mostly Sativa variety that has won in the Cannabis Cup several times.

2. It is characterized by a cluster of buds that are glistening because of heavy THC crystals. The THC level of Light of Jah is high and it’s about 19 % to 22%.

3. Although the Light of Jah has a longer flowering period (10 to 13 weeks), it is a high yielding pot strain that produces 750 grams per plant of yield.

4. This strong sativa marijuana variety has a peppery smell and produces a cerebral buzz effect and happy high.

Growing Light of Jah Tips

This award-winning pot strain needs to be grown by experienced and expert growers because it is quite demanding and would require much attention during the different stages of its growth. Use LED lights or fluorescents if you will grow Light of Jah indoors.

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