Light Spacing Tips in an Indoor Marijuana Grow

Growing marijuana is just like growing any other crop. It is necessary that all that it needs for its growth must be provided carefully so that its growth will not be hindered. Light is one of the essential things that must be considered for it can greatly affect your crops. Planting it indoor and outdoor needs different light conditions so you have to be keen to know under which condition your plant can grow best.

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Light for Indoor Marijuana

The absence of light can create a negative impact on your crop. You also need to have a proper understanding of how light can be beneficial to your crop.

For indoors, you can have proper ventilation to make rays of the sun go inside. However, relying on the light of the sun may not be enough because there are times that it can change its position. So, find an alternative source of light. In choosing one, be very in particular that the light that it will emit will just be sufficient for your crop’s needs. Do not go beyond the amount that is set for it so that the effect will be neutral.

Light Spacing

You also need to control the amount of light depending upon the stage that weed is currently in. For example, if it is still on its flowering stage you have to keep the room dark for this darkness can trigger the production of the hormone needed for it to flower.

Always remember that it is recommended that a grow room will only receive between 1000-3000 lumens per square foot. Just go between the recommended brackets for a better yield. However, many settle on 2000 lumens per square foot because it is mostly seen to produce a successful harvest in the end and it is what growers usually use. If you design your pot garden to be grown indoor, familiarize the characteristics of your strain because it can also affect the amount of light that it will need for survival.

Why Is It Important to Get Enough Light for Marijuana?

Marijuana requires a lot of light and the right amount of dampness because it’s one of the slower growing plants. With that said, like humans and their slow development from childhood to adulthood, a long “gestation” period for your weed will make it more potent, healthier, and full of life. The highest grade of pot requires utmost of care, including complete control of your light setup.

What’s the Perfect Setup for Your Marijuana Needs?

You should deploy reusable trays that can grow the plants within a week until they’re planted in a bigger pot. A 2 by 2 feet and 24W fluorescent bulb are required for the best marijuana growth. At any rate, this is the best setup possible that ensures average humidity levels and fresh air. It also prevents negative factors that could disturb the germination of your marijuana seeds.

When it comes to light control for cannabis, you could also use a LED light instead of a fluorescent one, but never an incandescent one. Hydroponics or germinating with water alone is not recommended with hemp production. If you want your weed to be high grade, then make sure it grows on a pot of dirt.