Lucid Dream Cannabis Strain Review

Lucid Dream is a hybrid strain made by the union of Amnesia Haze and Blue Dream. The result is a sativa=dominant strain that offers a stimulating and uplifting effect. You will also love Lucid Dream’s sweet blueberry notes which it took from its Blue Dream parent. This strain is one of the best daytime strains because of its ability to reduce stress, nausea and deal with migraines and other discomforts.

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Lucid Dream Specification

Type: Sativa dominant hybrid, 80% sativa, 20% indica
Flowering period: 8 to 9 weeks
Climate: humid and warm climate
Yield: 12 to 14 ounces per square meters indoors, 14 ounces or more per plant outdoors
Flavors: earthy, blueberry, pungent, floral and sweet
THC Levels: 20% to 28%
Height: up to 8 feet
Growing difficulty: easy to grow

What are the effects of Lucid Dream?

Lucid Dream offers an energetic effect. It can make you become more focused on your work with its uplifting and happy effect. This strain can lift your worries and cast them aside with its uplifting effects. All these awesome effects make Lucid Dream an ideal daytime strain for daily use.

What are the medical benefits of Lucid Dream?

You can use Lucid Dream to deal with stress and depression. It comes with a natural mood elevating effect that will last for hours. There is no need to use medications and drugs to improve your mood. It can also stop nausea in patients undergoing medical treatments especially chemotherapy. It will also boost appetite and fight mental and physical fatigue.

What are the negative effects of Lucid Dream?

Lucid Dream is the best when it comes to stress and nausea but it also has some negative effects as well. Use can lead to dry mouth and dry eyes and can be aggravated when you are using this strain for the first time. You will also experience headaches, anxiety and slight paranoia, especially for novice users.

Tips for growing Lucid Dream

Lucid Dream seeds are not commercially available. You can otherwise obtain clones or clippings from plants to cultivate instead. This plant is very easy to grow but should you want to grow it indoors, make sure to monitor the temperature and humidity of your growing area carefully to prevent molds and pests.