Mako Haze Marijuana Strain Review

Mako Haze strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid and a potent one named after a shark with extreme speed and power. This weed gives the same effect on your physical body because it features instant and powerful effects.

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In addition, Mako Haze contains high levels of THC which is about 19%. In fact, this cannabis strain has received its first award in 2006 in the High Times Cannabis Cup for a Sativa category. But before it has earned this first award, Mako Haze has become famous in the native Amsterdam where its breeder resides. Its energetic and smooth effects have been widely recognized by expert cannabis smokers and growers.

Mako Haze Specifications

Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid (80% Sativa and 20% Indica)
Flowering Period: 10 to 13 weeks
Yield: high
Flavors: spicy, woody, citrus, sweet and pine
THC Level: 19% to 21%
Growing Difficulty: Medium

What are the Effects of Mako Haze?

As mentioned earlier, Mako Haze strain gives an instant and powerful rush of effects in the body. Such strong high will certainly make you feel energized, euphoric, focused and creative. You will be in a state of extreme happiness while you enjoy its earthy and woody scents.

What are the Medical Benefits of Mako Haze?

Mako Haze strain’s powerful effects serve as an effective antidote for body pain or fatigue. In fact, this strain combats stress, anxiety and depression. Furthermore, it can also be used in treating various types of pain.

What are the Negative Effects that You Can Expect from Mako Haze?

Mako Haze smoking can also lead to some negative reactions on your mind and body. Basically, it can make you paranoid, dizzy, and anxious.

Tips for Growing Mako Haze

Just like other Sativa hybrid strains, Mako Haze grows slowly which takes up to 13 weeks. But the best part of it is that you will harvest buds of high yields which are covered in thick THC crystals. The result of the testing put Mako Haze’s THC content at around 19%.

Mako Haze can be grown by growers who have at least a basic knowledge in planting cannabis. It does not require much attention from an expert grower since this plant can thrive in indoor and outdoor environments.