Marijuana Equipments Needed Before Pot Cloning is Started

People who are smoking as well as growing cannabis would love to start their project from clones instead of seeds. It is because, in cloning, the process of germinating the pot seeds is omitted. Since you start growing marijuana from cuttings, you will have the advantage of an early harvest. Not only you will enjoy having an early harvest of buds but also through cloning, you can have the exact duplicate of the qualities of the mother plant. You can expect good quality marijuana cuttings from the mother plant up to 3 to 4 cloning but beyond that, the clones that can be obtained may turn to hermaphrodites. This can happen in the case of growing weed females.

It is recommended that you dip the fresh marijuana cuttings immediately into the water or rooting hormone in either gel or powder form. The clones that are taken from their mother plant are more vulnerable to dryness, so preparation of all the things needed during and after cloning must be prepared ahead.

The purpose of cloning is to speed up growing and harvest time since you do not have to start from weed seeds. Yes, you can save time if you grow cannabis cuttings. The other reason for cloning is to grow repeatedly an exceptional strain. You will need a mother plant where you will obtain the marijuana cuttings to grow. If you want a bountiful harvest in growing weed, choose a mother pot plant with good quality genetics, high potency and natural ability to resist against common pests and molds.

Once you have selected a mother plant, carefully obtain the cuttings, to begin with, your pot growing project. The process involved is quite simple because cloning is more like pruning. The only difference is that you throw away the cuttings in pruning while in cloning, you take the cuttings and allow root development. But before you begin to clone marijuana, prepare all the necessary things and that includes your working space.

Other equipment you need in cloning are as follows:

  • Cutting board
  • Rockwool cubes
  • Scissors and sharp razor blade
  • Light system
  • Small trays

Growing cannabis with the use of clones gives gardeners several advantages. To begin with, your projects set up the working area for cloning and gather all other necessary equipment needed. When all is set, obtain the cuttings from the mother plant and start rooting them. Rooting in clones can develop with even the use of water alone but several people growing pot from clones are using a rooting hormone to speed up the root development.