Top 3 Marijuana Myths and Facts

There is a lot of buzzes circulating about marijuana. Some of these are true, while some of them are mere myths. Here are some of the top 5 marijuana myths and facts for your information.

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Myth #1: The use of marijuana is against the law and it automatically translates to crime.

Fact: While this may be true in some parts, it is important to note that marijuana is also used for medical purposes. According to the reports of the World Health Organization (WHO), marijuana is most often used to treat a person’s intellectual or mental deficiency. Some of these include data recall, information digest, and overall cognitive process. This is why, there are some countries who already legalizes its use. There are also a few states in America in which the use of marijuana is legal, provided that it is for medical purpose only.

Myth #2: The use of marijuana is not that harmful.

Fact: Although there are a few parts of the world where the use of weeds is considered legal, and there are several areas that are trying to work on legalizing its use, it does not mean to say that its use is not dangerous at all. Heavy pot smokers should be cautioned about the health hazards of smoking too much weeds, especially if its use is for recreational purpose only. Most of the hazards brought about by using too much marijuana is similar to the effects of smoking too much cigarette. Some of these are bronchitis, tuberculosis, and other illnesses concerning the respiratory system.

Myth #3: Marijuana use may lead to cancer.

Fact:      While this holds true for smoking too much cigarette, same is not the case in marijuana use. It should be noted however that both contains in them carcinogens. According to a 2006 study by the UCLA, the use of marijuana is not enough to cause one a cancer even if you are a heavy pot smoker. In fact, marijuana can even help a person to get more creative. Smoking weeds can give the user a different kind of high and it releases a chemical in the brain called dopamine. This highness allows them to release all their inhibitions and to fully express themselves. Some of the known marijuana users are the most popular artists in the Hollywood. Some of them are Kurt Cobain, Alanis Morisette, Whiz Khalifa, and Bob Marley.