Marijuana Harvesting Techniques

In a growing pot, buds are ready to be harvested anytime between six to twelve weeks after the marijuana plants have started the flowering phase. Growing marijuana that are of indica types have shorter flowering time so you can enjoy an early harvest of buds. On the other hand, growing cannabis that are sativas will have a longer flowering period, usually from 10 to 12 weeks or more. Depending on the kind of marijuana effect you want to get, you may harvest the buds earlier for high THC content or harvest them later for more CBD.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Marijuana Harvesting

● Do a little experimentation during the harvest time of growing cannabis, so you can finally come up with the kind of effect you desire. Harvest the buds at different times and see which one works best for you. Take note that the maturity of the buds vary from one strain to another and depending on the growing location- either indoors or outdoors. You can begin your experiment once more than a half percent of the hairs change in color.

● Do not touch the buds while examining them. Some of the THC crystals may stick to your hands. Touch only the leaves when you want to take a closer look at the buds.

● Do not be impatient and harvest the buds without proper timing. Harvest time in marijuana growing is one of the most crucial parts since this will help determine the THC level of the buds. When you notice changes in the color of the buds, the harvest time of growing marijuana begins.

● Do not wait too long to harvest if you aim high potency in weed growing because you may miss out the potency you want from the buds. The longer time you wait for the buds to be harvested, the more you get high CBD content instead of high THC. When almost 50% to 60% of the hairs change in color, then it’s about time you start to harvest the buds

In growing weed, harvesting the buds with proper timing will give you highly potent and THC-rich quality buds. Look for the signs that buds are ready to harvest. With the use of a magnifier, closely examine and take note if there are changes in the color of the flowers. Buds are matured if you see them changing from white to dark brown, red or orange. When almost half or more of the buds have already changed their color, then you can begin the harvest time.