Marley’s Collie Marijuana Strain Review

Collie was a slang word for cannabis during Bob Marley’s time. People thought that there should at least be a strain in honor of the legendary Bob Marley. But this strain is made more famous because of Rita Marley who was the guest of honor of the Cannabis Cup in 1997.

This strain came up when they pollinated a pure Afghani male. It was widely known as a part of the maple leaf Indica. It is said to be high in quantity and high in quality when harvested.

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Some users may notice an instantaneous jolt in the body with a strong effect in the mind which is a part of the medication for people having ailments. This is why it is effective for pain relief, depression, eating disorders, cancer patients, and many more. This special use for both pleasure and medicinal purposes makes it a famous strain for those who are seeking out easy solutions even though it is one of those moderately difficult strains to cultivate.

Marley’s Collie Specifications:

Type: Hybrid
Flowering Period: 60 days
Climate: Indoor/Outdoor
Yield: 500 – 600 grams/ m2
Stone: Relaxing High
THC Level:  High
Height:  130 – 160 cm
Grow Difficulty: Moderate

Marley’s Collie Special Features:

– The Jamaican strain was chosen from the cannabis castle in Netherlands.

– It has a sweet flavor with citrusy flavor and floral aroma when smoked.

– When growing it, it gives of a strong sweet and floral aroma. It has wide and dark green leaves but if you notice it, it grows taller than other Indicas.

– The buds grow big with limited branches on the sides making it a good strain. Growers can harvest 500 to 650 grams of buds in it.

– It has some great medical uses for pain relief, insomnia, anxiety, convulsions, migraines, arthritis, glaucoma, depression, muscle spasms, eating disorders

Growing Marley’s Collie Tips:

It can be grown outdoors with 40 degrees latitude but many people are usually growing it indoors in Holland. If it is vegetated for a month or 3 weeks, then it can reach 130-160 cm. It is advised that the grower should top the central stem because this will cause it to grow into a main steam instead of splitting into two. This can give a lower yield, but one that is more potent.