Mars OG Weed Strain Review

Mars OG is a less pronounced Indica-dominant strain. With that, total body relaxation can overwhelm its mellow buzz. This makes Mars OG a good strain to use in the evening or before bedtime. The buds of Mars OG are green with brown-orange hairs.

This medical marijuana strain belongs to the group of cannabis plants in a planetary family. It’s the best way to describe the unique way to cultivate it. Planting it indoors in the meantime will induce the plant to have a better leaf-to-flower ratio. After such time, you can move it outdoors for the last stage of its growth. Mars OG is the cross between OG Kush and Mars.

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Mars OG Specifications

Type: hybrid (Indica-dominant)
Flowering Period: 8 to 9 weeks
Climate: warm
Yield: high
Flavors: pine, woody, sweet
THC Level: 16 to 20 percent
Height: tall
Growing Difficulty: hard

What are the Effects of Mars OG?

Since Mars OG is Indica-dominant, its effects will begin as something gentle. You will feel happy and satisfied. With that, you may become more sociable. You may even find yourself laughing for nothing. On the flip side, the strain’s Indica side will start to work. Mars OG is a creeper, so it will make you feel relaxed from head to toe. But, it will not cause you to feel lazy.

What are the Medical Benefits of Mars OG?

Mars OG can stimulate your appetite, so be sure you have something to eat on the table before you start smoking. Another is it will help you fall asleep. Hence, Mars OG is a good remedy for loss of appetite and insomnia.

What are the Negative Effects that you can expect from Mars OG?

While Mars OG can provide wonderful effects, it can also deliver a few unwanted effects. It may cause common side effects such as dry eyes and mouth. You may also experience dizziness especially if you have a low tolerance to THC. Extra caution is necessary especially if you are a first-time user.

Tips for Growing Mars OG

Since it belongs to the planetary family, Mars OG is more suitable for growers with adequate experience. You can cultivate it both indoors and outdoors. But since it has high potency and yield, you must grow it indoors first. Move it outdoors when the plant is already in its vegetative phase.