Master Kush x Northern Light Marijuana Strain Review Information and Growing Tips – Where to Buy Master Kush x Northern Light Seeds

The Master Kush cannabis strain mixes its uncommon flavor with Northern Lights, producing a unique F1 marijuana crossbreed. The crossbreeding of these two weed strains creates a marijuana plant with an interesting taste and a great calyx-to-leaf ratio (meaning the buds of this weed crossbreed is solid). It is easier to manicure compared to other cannabis strains since it is a small and heavily built type of weed and is filled with trichomes. Growing a Master Kush and Northern Lights crossbreed can be done in the soil, hydro or inside a greenhouse. It is highly recommended for those who are just starting to grow pot strains of their own because of its crossbreed vitality. The taste of this particular pot has a tinge of near-hash spiciness from Master Kush and a little bit of sweetness as well from the Northern Lights. The high effect builds up quickly, giving the user a lethargic feeling that fades slowly.

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Where to buy Master Kush x Northern Light cannabis seeds?

Order from an online seedbank which is based in Amsterdam – home of the best marijuana strains and growers in the world. Have the Master Kush x Northern Light marijuana seeds shipped right to your doorsteps and you won’t have any problems with the discreteness of the whole process. It is too discrete that even the mailman won’t know what you just ordered.

Master Kush x Northern Light Specification

Type: Indica – Sativa mix
Flowering Period: 6-8 weeks
Climate: Indoor or Greenhouse
Yield: up to 150 gm/m2
Stone: Sativa high – cerebral buzz
THC Level: 15%-20%
Height: 100-150 cm
Grow Difficulty: Easy-Moderate

Special Features of Master Kush x Northern Light

1. Master Kush x Northern Light is an F1 hybrid that is also known as “Super Kush.” It is a stocky marijuana plant because it has the genes of Northern Light.

2. This F1 hybrid marijuana exudes a pungent smell but great tasting buds loaded with trichomes having a THC level of 15% to 20%.

3. It is a good strain to start growing for beginners because it is easy to handle and forgiving to some grower’s common mistakes such as overwatering and too much application of nutrients.

4. The amount of yield obtained from one Master Kush x Northern Light plant is approximately 400 grams after 8 weeks of flowering time.

Growing Master Kush x Northern Light Tips

Provide Master Kush x Northern Light plants with the basic nutrients nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus during the different stages of their growth to promote fast and healthy growth.